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Cast a beautiful reflection in any room in your home with our wonderful selection of metal and wrought iron mirrors. Whether you want an elegant standing floor mirror for your boudoir or are looking for a unique wall mirror that double as a piece of art, Iron Accents unparalleled variety of decorative mirrors includes a piece that's perfect for your specific vision. All of our mirrors have been hand-crafted and meticulously designed by one of 70 artists, blacksmiths and manufacturers.

Floor Mirrors: Besides helping to ensure that we get dressed appropriately in the morning, floor mirrors provide a dramatic focal point in a room devoid of one. And remember that mirrors bounce light and sight lines.

Table Mirrors: Dresser and counter-top accessories that allow us to achieve our beauty and grooming goals while making a stylish iron statement in the room. Some  selections even allow you to customize the finish! How in the world would we put makeup on without them?

Mirrors are a great design accessory and a wonderful decorating tool. When strategically placed, mirrors can liven up a room, make it appear larger, and add light and dimension. Place mirrors throughout your home, their visual impact will instantly enhance your decor.

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