Discover Decorating With a Wrought Iron Furniture Flair!

We've assembled a wrought iron furniture collection to satisfy your every need. From hard-to-find ornamental iron accents to eye-catching aluminum patio furniture designs for your garden, our wide selection of wrought iron furniture and patio furniture brings the shopping experience to you! You can even custom order your iron furniture in the latest designer colors, giving you ultimate control of your designer destiny! 


It takes a skilled artisan to make a piece of iron come alive by carving out intricate motifs using only his hands, a hammer, a chisel, and century old techniques. We believe that hand-craftsmanship brings something special to your home, and that the quality and durability of iron lends itself to the creation of some truly unique products. We have dedicated our time and knowledge to finding the perfect iron and metal pieces to compliment today's home. The Iron Accent collection features a wide range of unique iron pieces supplied by over 70 individual artists, blacksmiths, manufacturers and importers.

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