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Garden Planters & Accessories

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Here's the good news - garden planters have ceased to be boring! In addition to the classic urn styles preferred by many for their door side versatility, today's garden planters run the gamut from galvanized metal pigs to reclaimed wood box sets that look like shutters. A wondrously wide assortment of materials help you feature specialty plants, add dimension and color and allow a garden planter to flourish either inside or out!

Small decks or patios will benefit from the slim garden shelves and plant stands as well as the plant hangers and dressy wall planters. For garden planters gone wild, choose from the elaborate hanging and tiered planters or the cottage style, endless season window boxes. And, sure, we label them garden planters but that ceramic Volkswagen bus adds a certain vibe to a guest room or counter top!

Decorate with plants! Frame the front door, lighten up the living room, beautify your bedroom, and add posh to your patio. Almost anywhere is the ideal space for a plant. Our planters, plant hangers and plant stands will help you to create your own special garden space.