Wrought Iron Chandeliers


Not just for dining rooms anymore! Our collection of awe-inspiring chandeliers feel just as comfortable in a bedroom, bathroom, dressing area or hallway - adding sparkle and drama to areas normally fitted with a single bulb overhead fixture. Chandeliers cast a wide arc of warm light in all directions, and its sculptural shape can be as delicate or bold as the surroundings call for.

Lighting is an important element in home décor, so just as you carefully choose pictures, paintings or wall decorations, choosing light fixtures that fit into your home décor is just as important. Chandeliers that are thoughtfully chosen can make a drastic difference in your home.

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Things to Know When You're Buying a Chandelier

What size chandelier will fit my room?

A simple rule of thumb is to add the dimensions of the room and use the sum in inches as an average size. For example if your room is 12'x12' you would look for a chandelier that is approximately 24". You may choose to go a bit larger for an open airy room or smaller for a close cluttered room. Also take into consideration the ceiling height, the higher you hang a chandelier the smaller it looks.

At what height should I hang the chandelier?
This is a matter of personal preference but there are some general guidelines.
  • For a fixture that will be walked under, 6.5' or more is usually an appropriate distance from the floor.
  • For a fixture hanging over a dining table, we suggest 30" to 34" from the top of the table. This is low enough to complement give good illumination, but high enough to be out of the way.
How many lights should I have?

Smaller rooms do fine with 4 to 6 lights, but larger rooms may require 8 or more lights if the chandelier is your only light source.

What wattage bulbs should I use?

Although, each chandelier socket can normally carry 60 watts, 40 watts is usually sufficient and gives off a more flattering light.