Home Decor

Hand-selected to meet the needs of the modern-day decorator that loves designs with a sense of history and utilitarian purpose, our wrought iron home accessories blend an old-world aesthetic with up-to-date design sensibility. Antique-inspired Bluetooth speakers offer an alternative to mass-produced, unattractive electronics without compromising on the comfort and convenience that modern technology adds. Wrought iron pet beds will give Fido a place to lay his head that's anything but bland. These pieces are crafted with quality to speak to your specific vision - whether it's wonderful and whimsical or industrial and inspired.

Pause here for the flash, flair and future of home fashion - wrought iron accents of the useful and decorative variety!

While our renowned iron homedécorhighlights this collection, a number of stylish goods for the home round out the lineup. Apothecary jars, metal and iron candle holders and charming, antiqued beverage buckets are popular choices for rustic weddings, while sweet flour sack pillows and antiqued table clocks are coveted among decorators that love traditional or country décor. Each piece is made with thought and heart by an expert artisan to help warm your home.