Decorative Outdoor Garden Lanterns - Brighten up the night!

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How easy it is to add some al fresco atmosphere! Cheeky animals, avian friends and sea creatures dominate the category. They sport winsome expressions and hold aloft a candle or votive powered garden lantern or outdoor lantern. Most can be positioned in the lawn, on a rock outcropping, near a pool or spa or on a comfortable porch. They are distinctively garden art and visually play up to their surroundings.

Need something more along the line of a decorative lantern? Choose from chickadees, daffodils or a pine cone motif as best suits your environment. These elegantly detailed recycled aluminum outdoor lanterns feature a tea light wind shield, jaunty legs and may be ordered in one of three extraordinary finishes. Ever lovely on a patio table or garden wall, our petite pagodas of light come with a ring top that allows you to hang it wherever a garden lantern is needed.

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Quick View

Enjoy the luxury of carefree durability, while adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor area. Extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor living areas, spend your evenings relaxing or entertaining on your deck, patio, or in your garden with the special atmosphere created by outdoor lanterns and candle holders.