Bar & Beverageware

Tableware - Servingware

Recreate the feeling that you're sipping a cold one in an old English pub or a Tuscan vineyard with our outstanding assortment of fine-quality beverage ware and bar goods. Handpicked by our team, this array includes entertaining essentials like elegant beverage servers, large drink tubs and exquisite glassware, plus accouterments geared towards more intimate gatherings, like wine chillers and ice buckets. Encourage sophisticated sipping and great company with these functional and unique pieces.

Both small and large beverage servers are designed to help make service simpler and more elegant during formal and laid-back occasions. These versatile vessels allow you to create a self-service bar, like a lemonade bar or a spiked punch bar, during gatherings. We also have stunning decanters, pitchers and carafes that are perfect for filling with sparkling water during dinner, plus special wine accessories that are coveted among connoisseurs. Pioneering artists and manufacturers, like GG Collection, fill our selection with artistic goods that are true masterpieces

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When stocking your home bar your liquor and equipment stock really depends on what you plan to serve. Assuming that you will want to make the most common cocktails, this is a basic list.
  • Spirits: Bourbon, Brandy, Canadian Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey
  • Liqueurs: Amaretto, Bailey's or other Irish Cream, Creme de Cacao, Dark or Spiced Rum, Grand Marnier, Kahlua or other Coffee Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Sweet Vermouth, Triple Sec
  • Mixes: Bloody Mary Mix, Pina Colada Mix, Sour Mix
  • Juices: Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Tomato Juice
  • Sodas: Cola, Club soda, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale, Lemon-Lime Soda, Tonic
  • Other Mixers: Bananas, Bitters, Coffee, Grenadine, Half & Half, Ice Cream, Milk, Simple Syrup, Strawberries, Tabasco Sauce, Water, Worcestershire Sauce
  • Garnishes: Celery, Cocktail Onions, Coarse Salt, Lemons, Limes, Maraschino Cherries, Nutmeg, Olives, Oranges, Powdered Chocolate, Sugar, Whipped Cream
  • Equipment: bar spoon, bottle opener, bottle sealers, can opener, cocktail napkins and coasters, cocktail picks, containers for garnishes, corkscrew, cutting board, electric blender, funnel, ice bucket with tongs, ice pick, juice squeezer, measuring cups and spoon set, mixing glass, shaker and strainer, sharp knife, straws-both long and short, swizzle sticks, towels, vegetable peeler or a twist cutter

Bar Accessories

You really can't call yourself an enthusiast unless you have the appropriate accoutrements. You'll need stoppers and coasters, corkscrews and toppers, caddies and holders, lessons in toasting, bottle hosting and a couple of items that are just wine whimsical and chuckle inducing. These are Happy Hour's herding group.

Beverage Servers

The perfect vessels for hostesses who like to mingle. Fill them, chill them, and let guests serve themselves. Extraordinary glass and iron dispensers that come in single, double and triple spigot varieties…feature a white and a red, lemonade and iced tea or true bar back basics. Hands free hospitality!

Coffee & Tea Service

Tea boxes, hostess sets, cream and sugar servers… welcome to civilization. Here hot, sip-able beverages do not touch plastic. Elevate afternoon tea or after-dinner coffee to special-occasion status with our selection of serving ware. Both decorative and functional, these lovely serving pieces are sure to impress.

Drink Tubs

Deluxe crowd control! When the party moves to the deck or patio these generous drink tubs and drink tub stands go right along to accommodate the liquid needs of the masses. Most tubs are copper with forged or wrought iron stands - some have trays to corral openers and stoppers - but we included a glass and cast aluminum base version that would gussy up a linen topped table.

This is how you make a serving statement. Choose a chiller or ice bucket that "presents" the beverage like an art form. Metals like copper and nickel, a graphic inlaid stone, glass and iron selections for table top or floor…each one a show stopper in both looks and maintaining the perfect temperature on one bottle or four.


The workhorse of any function…the humble tumbler, goblet or high ball glassware. Harkens back to a time when cocktail parties sported small linen napkins, women wore pearls and snacks were called canapès. Numbered etched glass stemware, hammered iron base wine glasses, hefty Italian inspired old fashion glasses. What's old is new again.

Pitchers, Carafes & Decanters

Hold everything! Wine, water, coffee and cream - we have a carafe, pitcher or svelte decanter waiting to be filled. Some are hefty, some are delicate, some are mini, some are skinny and some remind you of the contents in two languages! Functional elegance in glass and ceramic.