Water Fountains and Water Spitters

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How sweet the sound! The joyful movement and call of falling water inherent in a fountain make these indoor and outdoor marvels a popular addition to porches, gardens and table tops. Soothing to the senses when recirculating water or hilarious as a fountain spitter when pumped through a cartoon-like sculpture! We even feature a fountain that doubles as a planter for more visual variety.

Not to dismiss your indoor chi by any means, our aluminum table top fountain offers a cross between fountain and spitter featuring a frog couple in their own private pond. No splash, no splatter but plenty of detail to admire. You can build a water feature to enjoy in a couple of months or simply order a fountain or fountain spitter from Iron Accents.

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A fountain, unlike other decorative items, works with two senses at once: sight and sound.

The pleasing trickling of flowing water goes a long way to providing a calming atmosphere, indoors or out. By blocking background noises and other distractions fountains help to enhance tranquility and peacefulness. A fountain does more than just please the eye and the ear it will ease your mood and sooth your soul.