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Storage that stays in view. Beautiful ways to showcase the bounty from your garden, guest soaps, stationery, wine, candy, flowers - anything that longs to be lingered over. Even empty the pieces are noteworthy and stand alone stellar.

Anyone who thought storage couldn't be elegant and stylish hasn't seen Iron Accents' selection of baskets and containers. We have the perfect iron wire basket or wooden storage barrel for your specific needs - whether you want a unique place to chill beverages during a party or are looking for a stylish way to store blankets in your living room - including pieces made with quality and care from one of our specialty artisans, manufacturers or blacksmiths. Iron Accents carries tiered and round wire baskets, apothecary jars, pottery containers, vases and urns, hanging baskets and much more.

Constructed from tried and true materials with attractive patinas, like antique copper or chicken wire, these elegant containers double as a sensible storage option and a home decor essential in one. Many of these pieces, such as our wooden buckets and copper beverage tubs, are popular choices for people who love to host, and can be used as functional decorations for weddings and other special events. Place tiered wired baskets in the kitchen or office to easily sort mail or use our charming flour sack totes to keep dog toys and blankets organized indoors.

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Baskets & Bins
Not every basket is made of fiber or twig - our collection of hold everything catch-alls includes old school wire locker baskets, bushel baskets, iron fruit baskets, three tiered vegetable baskets and just about everything in between. Some are nesting sets, some are square and spare, some are even good old fashioned willow - but all are confident of their good looks and their go anywhere appeal.

Buckets, Barrels & Tubs
Hold everything! But in a way that accentuates your penchant for the unusual and extraordinary. From vintage rice and water buckets to elaborately painted wood and metal barrels with hasp lock lids, this collection celebrates antiquity and the appreciable qualities of an item well built and enduring. Use them to display magazines, corral canine toys or serve up beverages on the porch. Very worldly, very handsome, very handy.

Good things come in small containers ... and medium ones and big ones. Serve, display, organize, corral, tote, measure, mix, arrange, sort and unify. We have a container for that. From rustic tin and wood to the vintage charms of grandma's washtub; from distressed paint to pounded copper; from hand carved to hammered metal; from French wire to delicate Apothecary jars - your wish is our command.

Tiered Containers
Layers of levels for locating and situating what you want within ready reach. Wire, wood, metal, tin and iron beauties that captivate while containing - some are colorful, some are natural, some are almost architectural - but all are convenient on-the-counter catch alls for after school snacks, real and faux fruit, even the household's electronic devices if you're so inclined. They also make great desk de-clutter tools! Adorable little feet make them rise to any occasion.