Wrought Iron Shelves & Bookcases

Wrought Iron Furniture - Cabinets and Shelves

Real world life organization and everyone-needs-it storage are the guiding principles behind Iron Accents collection of wrought iron, metal and wood shelves and bookcases. And we haven't overlooked the design standard of function and style. From etageres to full-fledged entertainment centers, our wide ranging assortment ensures that both collectibles and necessities have a place of prominence.

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Natural, rustic, industrial chic and ultra-modern looks. A-frame and ladder inspired. Rolling racks, gym locker basket shelves, slatted wood library displays, factory and warehouse motifs rendered in simple metal. Drawers to hide, bins to seek. Bookcases with benches and shelving with traditional wood cabinetry on top. Curio etageres of iron that could have come from Great Aunt Gertrude's parlor. Something for everyone and every room. Practical, decorative and out of the ordinary.

See what Iron Accents has in store for you.