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Decorative and functional iron corbels and brackets are one of the simplest ways to add a touch of decadent detail to your living space. Whether you're looking to create custom shelving for your library or living room, creatively frame windows and doorways, or want a sturdy support for your kitchen counter top these fine-quality wrought iron brackets and corbels can bring the artistic, elegant or industrial touch - you choose. Iron Accents has one of the largest selections of iron corbels and brackets anywhere, all of which have been crafted with skill and care by master craftspeople, to ensure that you find a piece that complements your specific interior décor vision.

We have decorative shelf brackets, wrought iron corbels, hanging brackets and even customized support brackets at Iron Accents. Cast iron shelf brackets are a fine choice for any elegant or traditional living space, while simple counter support corbels may bring a more industrial or utilitarian charm. You can order customized iron corbels (yes, it's true) that are made-to-order to your specific design and sizing requirements. This unique service means you can turn your design doodles into masterfully made custom corbels that will bring an original, tailor-made touch into your home.


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Corbel and Bracket Information

Corbels and brackets have long been used as decorative and structural support for kitchen counter tops and overhangs, shelving units, fireplace mantels, bar tops and cabinetry. Creatively crafted of iron, aluminum and delightfully detailed carved wood, these sturdy workhorses are available in an array of sizes, finishes and décor complementing styles. And while most feature flat top surfaces as a foundation or buttress for whatever sits atop it, many others sport charming hooks and arms for hanging plants, bird feeders or candle holders. They all perform a visually impressive and dutiful function!

Common Questions and Answers
Q: Do I really need corbels under my counter top?
A: Most manufacturers suggest that any counter top - whether it be granite, natural stone, wood or other materials - be braced if the overhang exceeds eight inches.

Q: Can I install corbels/brackets myself?
A: If you are handy and possess the right tools you are good to go! If you are unsure of your skill level, consult a DIY savvy friend or relative or seek out a local help-around-the-house professional.

Q: How many corbels will I need?
A: The answer depends upon the width and length of your counter top or shelf. A general rule of thumb recommends a support every forty inches. Should you have a span of forty-eight inches or less, two corbels or brackets should be sufficient.

Q: How do I judge the depth required for support corbels?
A: We commonly suggest a corbel depth that comes within an inch or two of the counter's end. Consequently, an eight inch overhang should be matched with a six inch corbel. That measurement also allows the design of the reinforcement to be seen and appreciated as well. Select only the number of seats or stools that the space between corbels can accommodate without guests performing acrobatic maneuvers to sit down.

Q: Do I have the ability to customize the finish?
A: Yes, you do. Where available you'll find the finish, as well as size, options in the drop down menu. It might interest you to know that many brackets and corbels can be ordered in a raw or bare choice to which you may apply your own powder coating or rust resistant paint. 

Q: Can corbels be used outdoors?
A: Yes, but we recommend protecting its longevity with a clear coat finish or an application of wax to prevent rust. You may need to do touch-ups on an annual basis. Also, mount the piece using stainless steel screws or bolts. 

Q: Any preference about using wrought iron or metal corbels versus wood?
A: While that choice is strictly a matter of preference, wrought iron is a stronger material for weight bearing loads such as granite or marble countertops. It may also be used both indoors and out and there are more design and customization choices. Wood can be a beautiful selection for more decorative purposes. 

Q: How much weight will an iron corbel support?
A: Mounted properly to wall studs in the case of added fixture pieces, such as tables, and in the right configuration to support your top of choice, corbels can buttress 150 pounds each. Strength of material, size and additional display weight will all factor in to the number of corbels or brackets you will need to both glamorize and support your home project! We'll be happy to help you with the calculations.