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Flights of fancy start here with our beautiful iron wall decor! Lighter metals enhance these decorative choices that are designed to fill a tight space on a wall or above a door. Whimsical bicycles, butterflies or birdcages make outstanding additions to children's rooms or play spaces. There are even selections for hobbyists!

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Cast Iron Wall Plaques

Formed by pouring molten iron into a sand mold, cast iron plaques are sturdy silvery gray art adornments that may be used either indoors or out. Our selection includes both ornate, highly detailed pieces and those that might be best paired with another wall art item. Hung outdoors cast iron will naturally patina.

The cast iron plaques do not have mounting tabs or holes. Because of their weight they are normally hung over sturdy screws that are securely fastened into wood. If you desire, holes can be drilled for hanging with a standard drill or drill press using a slow even pressure.

Cast iron is silver/gray in color and can easily be rusted or painted to match your décor. If left out, bare cast iron will rust on its own just from the moisture in the air. For more information on finishing cast iron please consult - Instructions for finishing cast iron.

Large Wrought Iron Wall Decor

Large walls need large iron wall decor and metal wall hangings offer a great solution to fill up a large, flat wall. Our selection of large wall decor pieces are grand in scale and will lend a stunning presence to residential and commercial interior settings. Produced in stamped or forged metal these pieces are a wonderful way to add dimension, depth, and interesting detail to your room.

Long Metal Wall Art

Swirls and curls of richly finished metal that form plaques and grills, friezes, swags and scrolls to add ornamentation to any empty space. Airy yet substantial, these graceful additions pair well with other artwork but can hang alone with ease. Go ahead, start with one…others will follow you home.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art

We are often asked if our selection of metal wall plaques and decorative pieces can be used outdoors. The answer is: certainly and beautifully! From sculptural butterflies on a garden fence to old Sol on a courtyard wall, the addition of metal art enhances the beauty of outdoor living spaces in much the same way a soothing watercolor anchors the components of a guest room.

But there are a few things you should know about the effects of sun, wind and water on your exterior artwork; choosing the appropriate material based on your placement preferences can make all the difference.

Copper, most often used for roofs, rail caps and temperature gauges, is durable and develops a natural green patina when exposed to the elements. Aluminum is both rust-free and lighter than iron - a fastening bonus - but can oxidize in sea air. Ferrous metals, such as iron or mild steel, will indeed rust unless coated with lacquer, acrylic or polyurethane clear coat.

For the most part, metal wall art should be mounted, when possible, protected from direct sun light, and rubber washers or bumpers between the piece and the mounting surface will prevent paint scratches or discoloration. Inspect all outdoor metal artwork routinely for dirt and corrosion, clean and dry thoroughly, re-apply protective barriers if necessary. You're a rock star if you're this familiar with heavy metal!

We also salute the purist homeowners who view rust as a must and let nature just take its course. These bold thinkers add artful interest to potting sheds, retaining walls, pool decks and boat houses, as well as infusing their gardens with whimsy. Pioneers of "when in doubt, put it out" will find a myriad of tarnish trainable applications at Iron Accents…in dimensions that range from delicate to dramatic. Whatever your inspiration let us show you around the Wall Décor categories on our website, or visit us in person at the showroom.

Personalized Monogram Wall Plaques

Enhance the design and character of your home with a monogrammed wall plaque. Their detail and dimension will add a distinctive and welcoming touch to the front porch, entrance wall or front door. Center medallion boasts a single letter or gold emblem.

Round and Oval Metal Wall Plaques

Mirrored selections, ceiling medallions, rustic compass roses, weathered roadside advertising, swirls and circles, metallic twigs and handsome moons. Something for everyone and every space you need to stylishly and delightfully fill.

Square & Rectangular Metal Decor

Recycled steel, tin tiles and laser cut iron all vie for attention as shapely square and rectangular wall art. Why, yes, it is hip to be square!