Table & Kitchen Linens

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Comforts for the home…table linens that set the stage for good food with friends and kitchen staple favorites to get and give.

With designs that make you think and graphics that take you to your favorite place - whether it be among the evergreens in the forest or with your feet in the sand by the beach - our assortment includes a design, phrase or color scheme that perfectly plays to your personality. We also have floor mats, rugs and hand towel sets with unique, special designs that delight.

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Dish Towels & Gift Sets
Delightful sets for the stove and sink! Potholders that beat the heat while doling out laughter, mixed and matched sets of sturdy kitchen towels, gift bags bearing wine wisdom…savvy start-ups for newlyweds and hilarious at a housewarming.

And check out our versatile kitchen towels, sized just right for daily kitchen use. Our towels dry dishes, cover bread dough, swat away intruding hands and paws, mop brows, comfort boo-boos, and make a great rolling surface. Wrapped around a fresh loaf of banana bread they become the perfect hostess gift.

Table Linens
Set the stage - and the table - for celebratory, memorable dining with these high-quality table linens from Iron Accents. The perfect starting point for your carefully curated table setting, these tablecloths, table runners, table overlays and placemats bring big charm and high function to both casual, backyard barbecues and formal feasts alike. You'll find the perfect linens for dining tables, buffets, cocktail tables and more in our great selection.

We have the best assortment of burlap tablecloths that are essential for your rustic wedding or special event, plus unique jute table runners and more to help emulate that super desirable country casual look. Dressing up a burlap table setting is simple with a few mason jars filled with wildflowers and herbs and some hammered copper flatware and napkin holders. We also have vintage feed sack linens that are great for rural and country-themed dining.

Table Linen Information and Ideas

  • Bring subtle sophistication to your table with a well-selected table runner. A good way to gauge the size is select one that is the length of the table plus 12 inches to hang over the edge. For example: a 60" runner for a 48" table and a 72" runner for a 60" table. Adding 12" to the length leaves 6" to hang over each side. Depending on your setting you may prefer 8" or 10" you may even want it to sit on the table top and not hang over the side. This can look nice as part of a decoration. There aren't any rigid rules, feel free to choose your own "hangover".
  • Table linens were meant to have company. Pair you table runner with coordinated or complimentary placemats and napkins
  • The European style of displaying runners on is to use two shorter table runners and lay them width wise over the table top. This can also serves as placemats on each side of the table.
  • Place complimentary placemats or table runners over top of your tablecloth for a fancy layered look.
  • Mix it up! For an updated look pair coordinated solids and patterns. Or be even more adventurous and alternate place settings using different complimentary colors of the same design. Combine three color shades with your runners, placemats and napkins to create a soft heather look that is beautiful and versatile.
  • Pair a solid napkin with a more decorative one and use 2 napkins instead of one with your napkin ring.