Buffets & Sideboards

Wrought Iron Furniture - Cabinets and Shelves

Consoles, cabinets, credenzas - no matter what its moniker or apparent use, the merits of these attractive and functional pieces are legendary. Sideboards and buffets are generally lean and long with some storage or display space, and typically find themselves in dining rooms as an additional spot for food service. The Buffet introduced the concept of plating your own meal while the Sideboard traditionally held - and tempted everyone - with the finale of the evening… dessert.

Interchangeable with buffets and sideboards, particularly when used in or near dining areas, the console, cabinet and credenza family perform as tidy accommodations for linens, glassware, candlesticks, platters and seldom used utensils. Most are painted or stained wood that could serve a myriad of purposes in places such as foyers, home offices or great rooms due to their attractive shape, size and stellar style