Hanging Planters

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Use hanging planters to accent and enhance your landscape. They can add character to an entranceway, balcony or patio and provide a shower of foliage and color to help to brighten a shady corner or bring an empty space to life.

  • Create a wonderful cascade of flowers and leaves by hanging planters from a tree or over a fence railing
  • Create a special private space on your balcony, porch, or patio with an assortment of hanging planters.
  • Visit our hardware section for hangers to enable you to mount your baskets from deck railings, walls, and fences.
  • Some widely used plants for hanging baskets are; Browallia, Brown Eyed Susan Vines, Fushias, Geraniums, Green ivy, Impatiens, Marigolds, Periwinkles, Petunias, Vinca, and Viscaria