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Dye Basket Pendant Light

Old-World Charm with a Modern Twist: The Dye Basket Cage Pendant Light brings the mysterious allure of ancient Indian dyeing techniques into your home with a contemporary flair. Reminiscent of the metal cages once used to submerge fabrics into dye vats, this pendant light features a robust metal grill design finished in a sleek black. Measuring 7 inches in width and depth, and 17 inches in height, it’s the perfect size to catch the eye without overwhelming your space.

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Elegant and Functional: Not just a statement piece, this pendant is designed for durability and ease of use, including a generous 72-inch cord that allows for versatile placement. Whether hanging solo above a cozy reading nook or in a series above your kitchen island, the Dye Basket Pendant is sure to add a dose of character and illumination. Its structured light casting not only brightens areas effectively but also creates intriguing shadows that play across your room, adding depth and drama.


Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 16" (Chain) 72"
Finish: Blackened finish with varying patina
Material: Metal
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Styling Tips:

Industrial Chic: Complement the Dye Basket Pendant with industrial elements like exposed brick or weathered wood furniture to enhance its vintage feel.
Clustered Charm: For larger spaces, consider clustering multiple pendants at varying heights to create a focal point that’s both artistic and functional.
Soft Contrasts: Pair it with soft textiles and muted colors to contrast the hard, metallic edges of the pendant, bringing balance and warmth to modern living areas or bedrooms.

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