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January 15, 2019 2 min read

Looking for a home decor material that’s going to transcend trends, surpass style and thread themes? Choose iron, of course. Iron, specifically wrought iron, has been used in furniture-making for centuries, leaving behind a legacy and adaptability that modern homeowners and interior designers still rely on for decor that pops. Here’s how to weave iron into your pre-existing home decor or redesign plans.

Raw, rustic living

Living among the trees means, simply, bringing the outdoors in. Although cast iron is likely not the first material that comes to mind when you think woodsy-chic, its versatile nature allows blacksmiths to forge pieces that resemble tree branches, pine cones and even deer antlers to bring a woodsy whimsy to your cabin in the woods. Iron furniture also has the distinct advantage of being able to take on just about any finish, so you can expect a weathered, oxidized and well-worn look from brand-new pieces if that’s what you desire

Three Coins - Crossweave Collection
Sweet, beach chic

Sequestering the spirit of the sea – no matter how far from the coast – is easy as the breeze with cast iron furniture. Beach decor aims to harness the charm of New England saltboxes and the airiness of tropical seaside patios, and fearlessly flexible iron can help you do just that. For bold beach decor, choose nautical iron accents in the shape of your favorite deep-sea creatures and whitewashed wall hangings that appear to have been aged by the waves. Wrought iron patio furniture with cool blue upholstery is a must-have for open-air dining by the sea.

Novell Metal Wall Plaque

Artfully eclectic

Eclectic design is all about unleashing your quirky, whimsical and artful personality, so it makes sense that iron is a top-choice material for eclectic spaces. Because wrought iron is exceptionally malleable, ductile and tough, it’s a popular medium for sculptors and artisans who want endless possibilities. Eclectic iron furniture includes intricate wrought iron beds, benches, chairs and wall hangings that have been treated with brightly colored finishes for a bold burst of fun.

The GG Collection
European dream

There’s no material quite as European as wrought iron. From the art nouveau-style Paris Metro stations to the Eiffel Tower itself, decadent iron has left an impression on many of the most charming European cities. Tuscan home decor, overflowing with delicate embellishments and intricate attention to detail, isn’t quite complete without a few pieces of warm wrought iron furniture. French country design is also big on iron pieces that have been finished with rustic weathering or whitewashing for a nod to life in the European countryside.

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Inspired and industrial

Industrial decor is the kind of styling that puts everything on the table. Industrial furniture, artwork and home decor shows a piece’s inner workings and crudeness, with unfinished or rusted surfaces and a sense of gritty utilitarianism that just so happens to be amazingly chic. For all of these reasons and more, iron is a top choice for industrial home furnishings. Industrial lighting with Edison bulbs housed within cast iron cages and tough iron work tables are essentials for any upscale industrial living space.

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