Amore Drapery Rings

Drapery rings are not only functional in providing a means of attaching drapery to a curtain rod they can also add additional detailing to help create a more decorative look. Our wrought iron drapery rings are available in a selection of styles and finishes to beautifully enhance your window décor.


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2" Drapery Ring = 2" outside diameter, 1-1/2" inside diameter
3" Drapery Ring = 3" outside diameter, 2-5/8" inside diameter
4" Drapery Ring = 4" outside diameter, 3-5/8" inside diameter

Usually 7 rings are used per 48"-54" fabric width. For a loose, slouch look use only 4-5 rings.

2" drapery rings are recommended for all Amore rods. For a different look, we also offer oversized rings. These may also be used in combination with 1-3/8", 2" and 3" wooden rods.

Installation tip: For adjustable rods, it is recommended that a rod sleeve be installed over the adjustable section of the rod so that the "lip " will be eliminated. The sleeve gives a more custom look by giving the appearance of a uniform rod diameter. Custom rods do not require sleeves as they are made to be one diameter only.

Butterfly & Angel Rings (patent pending)

Use butterfly tings to create a wonderful ceiling canopy over any size bed. Also use to mount fabric to any wall over a window to create rosettes, bows, or bishop sleeves, or for a decorative room boarder around a ceiling. The Acanthus butterfly ring may also be mounted to the ceiling to add a decorative addition to a fabric canopy. Angel rings may be hung onto any decorative hook or scarf holder to create rosettes, bows and other designs with a scarf fabric.

Drapery Rings with Eyelets

This is the most preferred ring style for attaching draperies. The ring is formed of 1/4" round solid steel into a perfect round ring. We then fuse a small eyelet on the bottom of the ring at a right angle to the larger ring. Draperies are attached using drapery hooks (not included) or by sewing the drapery onto the eyelet.