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Umbria Mosaic Patio Set

Picture this: A table that evokes the grandeur of nature while serving as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. At the very heart of our Umbria hand-cut mosaic table is an exquisite sunflower. This is no ordinary design; it’s a symphony of yellow, brown, and orange glass intricately interwoven to provide a depth and complexity that mirrors the gentle intricacies of the flower in its full bloom.

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Beyond its sheer beauty lies a tale of dedication and craftsmanship. Thousands of glass pieces, each meticulously hand-cut and hand-mounted, come together in a dance of precision and artistry. Chosen with the discerning eye of a master artisan, this table is a unique masterpiece, crafted not just to adorn a room, but to withstand the ephemeral whims of decor trends.

The versatility of the Umbria table is another of its marvels. Whether you envision it as the centerpiece of your living room, with its long, elegant rectangular form, or see the smaller round version gracefully holding your drinks by the pool under the afternoon sun, the choice is exquisitely yours. With the Umbria table, you don’t just own a piece of furniture; you possess a piece of art.

Our Umbria patio table is available in three sizes. 36", 42" & 48" in diameter. You can seat four people at a table that is between 36" and 48" in diameter making our 36, 42 & 48" tables good for smaller families or intimate gatherings. This patio set comes with your choice of four chairs.

Custom Made by Neille Olson - KNF Mosaic Designs

Dimensions: (Table) 36", 42" or 48" diameter x 30"h
Weight: (36") 105 lbs. (42") 125 lbs. (48") 240 lbs.
Finish: Available in a variety of finishes
Material: Aluminum or Iron Base & Umbria Mosaic
Contains: Table Base & Top
Note: As with any cement based product, the stone can expand or contract slightly with moisture or humidity.
Ships: (Mosaic Shipping Information)
Curbside delivery is included in 36" to 48" mosaics.


How do different size tops accommodate the same mosaic?
Our mosaic designs are meticulously crafted to ensure that whether it's a statement centerpiece or a tiny accent piece, the beauty of the design remains unparalleled. If you have a question as to how your a mosaic will look in a smaller or larger size - Please view our - (Mosaic Design Size Guide)

Can I leave my tables outside year-round? How do they weather?
Our mosaic tables are made from a proprietary stone blend, stained glass and marble. As a result, they are very durable for years to come in the rain and sun. However, we recommend that the tables be brought in during periods of freeze/thaw cycles as this can place undue stress on the top. Our bases are made from either iron or aluminum and have a thick powder coating to protect from the elements. In regions of high oxidation, it is best to order an aluminum table which will not corrode.

Why is my table a slightly different size than advertised?
As with any cement-based product, the stone can expand or contract slightly with moisture or humidity.

What is the difference between iron and aluminum bases?
In terms of aesthetics, there is no difference. Aluminum will not oxidize, but iron can. If you are living in a climate that tends to be very humid, and very wet, we recommend that you purchase the aluminum base. The aluminum will withstand those climates so you can continue to enjoy your table for years to come!

Please view our - (Mosaic Care & Maintenance Guide)

Shipping: Our magnificent mosaic furniture is made by hand so no two pieces are exactly alike, all shapes, sizes, and colors will vary slightly. The production process generally takes about 2-4 weeks. 

Once placed into the production schedule we will email you to give you the manufacturers estimated ship date. Please remember this date is just that - their best "estimate". We cannot guarantee the time it will take to produce your order but will do our best to notify you of any unexpected delays.

Changes/Cancellations: We guarantee a beautiful, quality product every time, but if you change your mind, you have the option to change or cancel your order within 48 hours of receiving your acknowledgement.  After this 48 hour period we begin processing the raw materials and orders can not be changed or cancelled.

Returns: Since each piece is made exclusively for you when you place your order, we are unable to accept returns. 


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