Wrought Iron Baker's Racks

Wrought Iron Furniture - Cabinets and Shelves

Baker's racks have long been a favorite staple in kitchens and breakfast rooms, but their simple elegance and economy of space are fast tracking them into other areas of the house and garden. While still a storage standout in the kitchen where a baker's rack is likely to feature canister sets, family photos, decorative platters and over-sized bowls, our combination chef's desk and baker's rack adds a new element to Mom central ... the perfect place to sit while planning your menu and surfing the recipe resources on your lap top.

Designer looks and a workhorse capability. Right where you need it. Wrought iron baker's racks from Iron Accents.

Other Uses for Wrought Iron Bakers Racks

  • In a home office the versatile baker's rack can be utilized for files, electronic equipment, reference books and supplies.
  • A wrought iron rack filled with baskets puts much needed storage for extra towels, magazines and accessories in a guest bath.
  • In a potting shed or garden area, a maintenance free baker's rack stacks pots, planting tools and soil amendments.
  • Create an instant entertainment center for movies, books and board games without the need for a bulky cabinet.
  • A corner of a living room or den can beckon as a help yourself wine bar with a metal and wood baker's rack complete with glasses, napkins and corkscrews.
  • In the kitchen, cookbooks, server ware, canister sets and other items can be conveniently and attractively displayed on a baker's rack. You gain extra storage while beautifully accenting your kitchens design.

Best of all, our wrought iron baker's racks come in all shapes and sizes and complement every decor.

Don't let your home suffer from the lack of one of our beautifully designed baker's racks.