Candle Screens & Inserts

What to do with that massive fireplace in the off-season? Instead of leaving your fireplace to sit empty during off-peak months, you can decorate it inexpensively using fireplace candle inserts and screens.

Introduce it to our collection of specialty screens and inserts. Most are shaped like squat candelabras for use with your own candles, while others are designed like racks…sure, you can use them with candles as well, but they also make excellent indoor plant or dried floral stands. We know…why didn't you think of that before?

Set the mood fill your fireplace insert with scented candles:

  • Vanilla: If you are looking for a scent that is light and elegant, vanilla is always an excellent choice.

  • Sandalwood / Musk: For a scent a little more serious and intense, sandalwood or musk are ideal.

  • Ginger: For a scent that brings a nice soft glow on a rainy afternoon, light and airy scented candle such as ginger bring a little sunshine into an otherwise dreary day.

  • Evergreen / Berry: For a wonderful scent that will embody the festive feelings of the holidays use a candle insert filled with scented evergreen or berry candles.