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Artisan Iron - Metal Finishes

The standard paint finishes involve a six-step process resulting in iron finishes that are smooth, uniform, durable, and resistant to corrosion in salty beach environments. This process involves stripping and adjusting the pH of the surface of the iron, sealing with automotive grade primer, artistically applying the paint finish, then sealed very well with two coats of high quality semi-gloss lacquer clear coat.

Standard Finishes

  • Antique Gold - Antiqued gold tone finish
  • Burnt Rust - A base of natural black is enhanced with mottled rust and brown highlights.
  • Gris - Gunmetal silver-gray color tone
  • Negro Mate - Flat-black color tone
  • Natural Rust - The iron is gently oxidized or rusted over a period of at least a couple of weeks without the use of highly concentrated acids, and then the iron is sealed very well with two coats of high quality semi-gloss lacquer sealer. Be aware that the iron does not completely rust uniformly due to the nature of the material and will have a splotchy or uneven appearance (which some customers prefer). This rust finish requires a couple of extra weeks to achieve so you need to allow more time to complete the order if this finish is chosen.
  • Oxido Pintura - Dark reddish-brown which is similar in color tone to the dark natural rust finish. (The most commonly ordered and is the default finish unless otherwise specified.)

Premium Finishes

  • Cobre Antiguo - Antiqued copper tone finish. A combination of rust and copper plating. Basically, it is a thin sheet of copper atoms adhering to and covering the surface of the iron. This finish is not possible on items with many curves and tight spaces due to the fact that all iron surfaces must be ground down. The very shiny finish will very gradually darken slightly over time (years).
  • Cobrizado w/Patina - Cobre antiguo finish with green patina highlights

FINISH DISCLAIMER -Each item is made and finished by hand. No two finishes are exactly alike.

Please note - due to the differences in computer screens the color samples on your screen may display differently than their actual color. Due to the handcrafted nature of the furniture (the finishes are all hand-applied), you should only order a premium finish without viewing a sample, if you have some tolerance for slight variations in color schemes. If a pair of any item is ordered, they will be finished by the same person at the same time. If, after a period of time, a second item is ordered, there is no guarantee the second item will exactly match the first item. An exact match of color or grain may not be possible due to natural imperfections and the hand crafted nature of our furnishings.