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Important Message from CEO

The situation: The domino effect of Coronavirus shutdowns has caused a critical container shortage in China. This has snowballed into a global overseas shipping crisis. Importing into the US, from anywhere and everywhere (not just from China) is not only very difficult with long wait times, but costs have skyrocketed to six times previous rates. No one knows when or how this will resolve, there is no end in sight. We are already seeing inventory issues with most of our current suppliers. This is only going to get worse... a lot worse.

How this affects shipments: The expected ship dates on orders we have in place cannot be guaranteed. Many of our suppliers are fighting to get their goods to this country.

How this affects prices: Prices are going up on everything. Not only because of the increased shipping costs, but also because of the scarcity and increased costs of raw materials, components, and packaging (for example, cardboard prices have doubled). Expect prices to be significantly higher this Fall.

How this affects our Made in America suppliers: Focusing on American made items will help, but many “Made in America” products use components and packaging from overseas, and/or are dependent on machinery replacement parts from China. 

What can be done about it: We strongly advise ordering now - because you will get the existing price, and you will be in line for the merchandise. If you wait, you might not be able to get the merchandise and you may have to pay significantly more.

On a personal note: This affects everything, cars, electronics, clothing… no industry is excluded. We urge you to also stock up on those personal things which are important to you… that OTC allergy medicine that works for your child, the kitty litter that your cat finally accepted, the mascara you can’t live without… no one knows what will go in short supply or when it will happen. Please be prepared both personally and professionally.

Thank you for reading, we hope this was time well spent and valuable information to you. We greatly appreciate you, your business, and your patience, and are looking forward to getting thru all this together.


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