Designers Picks by Style

We know. We've all been there. Devouring decorating magazines for inspiration, ripping out random pages that feature a chair or lamp we'd love to own. Standing paralyzed in the paint aisle trying to gather the courage to choose a chip. Sometimes it helps just to have a bit of help.

Introducing Iron Accents Designers Picks By Style! Our how-to-pull-it-all-together section features the color, accessory and furniture elements of current style trends - from Coastal to Contemporary - and our designer's special selection of pieces that define the approach to it. Place settings, sconces, chairs, accent tables, towel bars - visual examples that bring to life the décor you imagined!

But, we just couldn't stop. We also link you to our Pinterestfor even more ideas and shared style adaptations. Tried and true techniques tailored to find the look and fit that flatters!

Iron Accents Designers Picks By Style. Your guide to getting there.

What sets Iron Accents' pieces apart from the rest is that each one has been meticulously hand-crafted by a skilled, visionary artist or blacksmith. You'll find true-to-you iron and metal furniture, including the perfect industrial stool or metal bed, that has been forged using age-old blacksmithing techniques. You'll also find a broad array of artful home décor pieces, such as nautical wall art and functional-yet-exquisite lamps and light fixtures, in this selection. We know that your design vision is specific, so we want to make sure you have a great variety of pieces that will help tie it all together.

Your home décor vision plus our huge selection of décor by style equals a match made in heaven. Iron Accents' Designer Picks categorizes our enormous selection of delightful home goods, wrought iron furniture, unique wall art, high-taste lighting and cream-of-the-crop kitchen goods by style and theme. Shop Asian home décor, eclectic home décor, coastal/beach home décor, contemporary home décor, French country home décor and more in Iron Accents' Designer Picks. We've got a carefully curated collection of pieces for every design inclination - from the industrial and authoritative to the elegant and ornate.

Design Services

Live in the North Georgia area?

If you've visited the Iron Accents showroom you've reveled in our creative compositions and vignettes, and our expert mix of style and purpose. Each display area reads like a room waiting to be lived in, filled with well loved pieces both new and nostalgic. What our wonderful designers do for us, they can do for you! We believes that every home should reflect the personality, comfort, activity, routine and viewpoint of the people and pets that inhabit it, not the decorator's desires or preference.Traditional or transitional, cottage to cabin, our eclectic repertoire can provide complete residential or commercial design, sale staging, seamless re-modeling or a single room at a time strategy.

Residential or Commercial Design / Redesign...
Pull together a look you'll love to live with.
From paint colors to window treatments, art work to lighting let us help you achieve to the room you envision.

Re Purposed Redecorating...
Come home to the rooms you've always dreamed of!
Trying to juxtapose Aunt Emily's Hoosier cabinet with the Eames chair you purchased for your first home? No need to relinquish treasured belongings to create a design statement. Give your rooms a new and refreshed look by placing pieces in different arrangements or re-purposing items relegated to the basement. A different pair of eyes can be wallet wise!

New Construction & Remodel Consultation...
Make the building or remodeling process go much more smoothly!
The architectural design is done and the contractor has been chosen…Now is the time to hire a design consultant to analyze the blueprints, make adjustments to outlets and door swings, compare the cost of finishes and select the perfect cabinets, counters, flooring, fixtures and color schemes. Costly errors that were overlooked? Not on our watch! Happy are the homeowners who have help early on.

Real Estate Staging...
Turn your house into a buyer's dream come true!
Now more than ever, the key to selling a home at top of market pricing is the initial feel or first impression experienced by the potential buyer. Sales are made when expectations are met and open house visitors can "see" themselves enjoying the living room. Staging helps create that bond by updating a home's appearance using existing furnishings in a new way, pre-packing items not in use and putting a touch of lipstick on the walls, floors and landscaping.

Relocation Services...
Get settled fast with style and less stress!
Moving, in and of itself, is stressful but our Get Settled service eliminates the dread. Go explore your new surroundings while we arrange your furniture and accessories into spaces that will instantly feel comfortable and a joy to come home to. We can also shop with or for you to fill in those blank wall spaces, wide open windows and outdoor rooms. Welcome home!

Event & Holiday Decorating...
Holiday, Christmas and event decorating for homes and businesses!
Special events are a specialty of ours. Whether decorating a banquet hall for a wedding reception or designing a holiday party extravaganza complete with formally dressed trees, we can take the festivities up a notch. Just tell us what you'd like. Sparkling lights? A dramatic entry? Hob goblins in every corner? Let the fun begin in your home, store, office or event facility!

Our designers, offer a wide range of interior design & decorating services from "Do It Yourself" advice to single room or complete home consultations.

No matter what your style, traditional or transitional, country, cottage, or cabin if you live in the North Georgia area; Clermont, Cleveland, Gainesville, Dawsonville, etc…, come by or give us a call.