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Antiqued Curve Top Mirror

Step into a room that shines! Framed in the opulence of time-honored design, this mirror offers more than a reflection; it’s a conversation starter. Measuring an impressive 55.5" x 33.5", it commands attention, while the intricate golden patina on mango wood whispers tales of artisanal heritage. It's not just a mirror; it's a piece of history dressed for your modern abode.

With every glance, find yourself immersed in the depth of its craftsmanship. With its generously sized reflective surface of 47.5" x 25", brings light and the illusion of space to any room. Its ornate detailing and robust frame are a testament to the fusion of functionality and decorative art. Whether perched above your vintage credenza or becoming the centerpiece of your foyer, this mirror amplifies the grandeur of its surroundings while adding a dash of whimsy to the reflection of life's daily dance.

Dimensions: 55. 5" x 2" x 33. 5" (Mirror Only) 47.5" x 25
Finish: As Shown
Material: Mango wood, poly-wood and glass
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Curbside delivery is included in the price.
Styling Tips & Uses:

  • Hallway Haute Couture: Create an impactful entryway tableau that greets guests with warmth and style.

  • Dining Room Dazzle: Hang above a buffet table for an elegant backdrop that complements candlelit dinners.

  • Gallery Wall Anchor: Use as the central piece in a gallery wall, flanked by smaller artworks or family photos.

  • Creative Canvas: Not just for reflection; use it as a creative canvas for seasonal decorations.

  • Wipe with soft cloth