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Ashton Metal Storage Cabinet

Step up your storage game with a cabinet that’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Think of it not just as furniture, but as a conversation starter that holds your treasures behind a pane of glass. Designed for the contemporary home, the Ashton Metal Storage Cabinet marries the minimalist charm of black metal with the transparency of glass, offering a peek into your curated collectibles. With dimensions tailor-made for urban dwellings, this piece won’t just store your stuff — it will showcase your taste with silent pride.

The 'Ashton' isn’t just another pretty face. Its sturdy black metal frame is a testament to durability, while the glass doors whisper gentle invitations to gaze upon the items you hold dear. With ample shelf space, each measuring 19.5" x 38.5", your books, vases, or even your rare bottle collection can be arranged in plain sight, yet dust-free. The lower cubbie is a secret hideout for those less sightly essentials, all behind a chic metal door. Imagine this cabinet in your living room, hallway, or even in a home office — it's versatile like that. And let’s not overlook the potential it has to be paired with a plush chair, creating a nook that screams ‘sophisticated comfort.’

Dimensions: 23. 75" x 15. 25" x 67. 5" (Glass Door) 19. 5" x 38. 5" (Shelves) 20. 75" x 12. 75" (Bottom Door) 19. 5" x 20. 25" (Bottom Cubbie) 20. 75" x 13. 5" x 20. 75"
Finish: As Shown
Material: Black Metal and Glass
Contains: Sold individually
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Styling Tips/Ideas:

  • Visual Harmony: Partner the Ashton with warm wood tones or vibrant textiles to create a visual dance of textures and colors in your space.

  • Organizational Haven: Utilize the Ashton in your living area as a sophisticated bookcase or as a dashing display for your vintage glassware collection.

  • Dynamic Duo: Consider flanking two Ashtons on either side of your fireplace or entertainment console for a symmetrically satisfying statement.