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Courtyard Garden Urn

Our Courtyard Garden Urn is an impressive, large-scale statue that captivates the eye and exudes a grandeur that's elevated even further with the addition of overflowing florals for a classy event or a vibrant plant in a magical garden setting. The intricate detailing on this urn transports you to the European countryside, making it an item that style-conscious couples will desire for their wedding day decor. With time, the magnesium oxide material will naturally rust, augmenting its antique allure.

The urn measures 17.5" in length, 17.5" in width, and 23" in height. Please note that it's not watertight, and covered use is recommended to preserve its beauty. The antiqued color and finish have been achieved through a hand-finishing process on the molded piece, adding a touch of bespoke charm to this spectacular item.

Dimensions: 17.5" x 17.5" x 23"
Finish: Antiqued
Material: Magnesium oxide
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