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Indoor/Outdoor Bulb Lantern - Gold

Embrace a blend of functionality and allure with this Gleaming Tyvek Lantern, a treasure in an enchanting gold finish that brings a magical glow to any nook. Fashioned from the wonders of weather-resistant and 100% recyclable Tyvek, this lantern whispers sustainability with a shout of sophistication. The intricate pattern cast by its 6.3" x 6.3" x 13.9" figure ensures that when the light plays through, it's not just illumination, it's a dance of shadows and light that celebrates eco-conscious living with a dash of luxury.

Not only a charmer in aesthetics, this lantern is as clever as it is captivating. It arrives complete with 2 AAA batteries and a nimble remote control that boasts a dimmer and four timer options, allowing you to customize your luminary experience from the comfort of your chaise. Whether you're curating an ambiance for indoor tranquility or an outdoor soiree, this piece transitions seamlessly, thanks to its green-thumbed build. Position it on your patio table for twilight dining or hang it in your living room for an evening steeped in soft, golden hues—the versatility will have you glowing with pride.


Dimensions: 6.3" x 6.3" x 13.9"
Finish: Gold
Material: Weather-resistant and 100% recyclable Tyvek
Contains: Come with 2 AAA batteries and remote control with battery. Remote has dimmer and 4 timers.
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Styling Tips:

Create an intimate outdoor retreat by clustering several lanterns at varying heights amidst your garden greenery.
For a serene indoor oasis, place the lantern atop a stack of earth-toned books on your coffee table, letting its light cascade over your artisanal knick-knacks.
Pair with brass accents and rich, dark wood furniture for a look that says 'timeless elegance meets modern eco-chic'.