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Arden Console Table

Introducing the Arden Console Table, where contemporary design meets a touch of mid-century charm. Its slender iron frame, finished in a luxurious brushed champagne, supports a sleek glass top that reflects its surroundings with a subtle, sophisticated shimmer. This console is more than just a table; it's a sliver of high fashion for your foyer, a whisper of refinement against your living room wall, or a dash of dazzle for your dining area.

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The Arden Console Table stands out with its precise dimensions, offering an expansive 48.25 inches of width to display your treasured accents, and at 35 inches high, it serves as the perfect backdrop for your decorative flair. The interplay of robust iron and delicate glass brings a balanced, airy feel to any room. Designed with a nod to the elegance of yesteryear yet firmly planted in modern versatility, it's the ideal stage for everything from your favorite vase to a colorful array of books. Style it with metallic accents to highlight its champagne finish, or let it anchor a dynamic floral arrangement—the Arden Console is your canvas.

Dimensions: 48.25" x 17.75" x 35"h
Finish: Brushed Champagne
Material: Iron & Glass
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Styling Tips & Usage Ideas:

Style your Arden Console Table with a mix of metallic and glass decor to enhance its brushed champagne finish. Perfect as a chic entryway piece, it welcomes guests with a warm glow. Or use it as a sophisticated bar in your living room, showcasing crystal decanters that twinkle against the iron backdrop. During festivities, transform the Arden into a dessert table, letting its glass surface gleam under the soft light of your dining chandelier. And don't forget, a mirrored tray atop can tie the whole look together, creating a mesmerizing effect that's both practical and enchanting.

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