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Stag Candle Tray

An embodiment of rustic elegance, the Stag Candle Tray emerges as a harmonious fusion of functionality and style. A quintessential choice for holiday embellishments, this candle holder resonates with versatility, perfect for gracing a festive centerpiece or adorning your mantle with a touch of natural charm.

Within the embrace of the Stag Candle Holder, seven glass votives await the flickering flames of candles, promising to infuse your space with a warm and inviting glow. Paying homage to the majestic deer, the base of this holder features stately deer heads, embodying a regal presence that captivates the eye.

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Cast from aluminum, the holder wears a gentle whitewash, invoking the allure of a Nordic Christmas. The subtle elegance of this finish transports you to a realm of winter wonder, where the simplicity of the season's beauty takes center stage.

Measuring at an impressive 35 inches in length, 6.5 inches in width, and 11.5 inches in height, the Stag Candle Tray commands attention with its substantial presence. It stands as a testament to your refined taste, showcasing an appreciation for both artistic craftsmanship and the timeless splendor of nature.

Bring the enchantment of the great outdoors into your home this holiday season. Whether as a centerpiece that sparks conversations or as a mantlepiece that ignites nostalgia, the Stag Candle Tray exemplifies the magic that transpires when elegance meets tradition. Illuminate your space with the beauty of the Nordic Christmas style, and allow the Stag Candle Tray to be a cornerstone of your festive celebrations.

Dimensions: 35"x 6.5"x 11.5"
Finish: White
Material: Cast Aluminum & Glass
Contains: Candles are not included
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