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Iron Dining Chair Buying Guide

August 02, 2019 2 min read

Is there a standard dining chair height?

The general rule of thumb suggests that there be 10" to 13" between the height of your seat and the height of your table. Customary seat heights for dining room chairs range from 17 inches to 19 inches, and typical dining tables are traditionally 28 inches to 31 inches in height.

How many dining chairs will fit around a table?

The main objective is comfort with ample elbow room per person and the ability to easily glide the chair from under and up to the table. Most tables are shown and sold with a recommendation for seating…four, six or eight for example.

Seating Guidelines

Allow 28 to 34 inches of space per person which translates to a bit over two feet per place setting. When planning seating arrangements don't overlook the space behind each chair…another two feet will ensure that the person seated can disengage themselves from the chair without bumping the wall. And, finally, allocate 12 - 14 inches between the seat and table for leg room.

Do I need arms on my dining chairs?

Strictly a matter of personal preference! Some people like arm chairs at the King and Queen seats of rectangular tables, and arms are convenient when it comes to raising or lowering oneself into a chair. Should you decide that chairs with arms are the way to go measure carefully to ensure that the chairs will slide beneath the table.

Seating is available in so many different styles, materials, sizes, finishes, fabrics and prices that the search can be daunting. We highlight the width, depth and height dimensions on all our detail order pages to provide reassurance. And you can always consult one of our Customer Service Associates for cheerful and experienced assistance!

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