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Selecting Wrought Iron Bar Stools and Counter Stools

August 02, 2019 2 min read

As always, a bit of pre-planning can go a long way! The selection of bar and counter stools is large and varied so begin with an understanding of their use. Will they be surrounding a breakfast bar that serves as the main morning launch pad for a family of five? Will they pull up to a game room bar where their role is more casual and occasional? Once you determine a stool's purpose, the following guidelines will help you choose a style and size appropriate for their placement.

How High Should The Stool Be?

The general rule of thumb is to have 10"-13" between your seat height and your table height

Selecting Wrought Iron Bar Stools and Counter Stools

Standard Seat Heights:

Vanity Stools= 17-19"
Counter Stools = 24-26"
Bar Stools = 28-31"

Standard Table Heights:

Vanity Table = 28-31"
Island/Counter Table = 35-36"
Bar Table = 40-42"
High Bar Table = 45-48"

Seating Guideline:

  • You should have 28-34" of space per person.
  • This allows for 24-28" for each place setting and 4-6" between each place setting.
  • Allow 24-28" of space behind each chair when someone's seated in it.

How Many Stools Will Fit My Space?

The main objective is comfort for all guests when seated. Be realistic about the number of people who will use the bar, island or pub table at once. When in doubt, use the seating guideline.

What About Stools With Arms?

Really a matter of personal preference! Arms can be convenient as bar and counter stools are higher than standard dining chairs, but they also add some width that you may not have planned on. Stools with arms require an additional radius to turn, and ideally, should slide under the table surface without bumping into it.

Should The Stools Swivel?

Another individual choice. The swivel mechanism allows greater ease when getting into - or out of - the stool, but remember what your space planning allowed. Stationary stools are pulled back from the counter. No one enters or exits a swivel without turning it to one side. We'd miss the fun!

Width, depth, height, and seat height dimensions are given on all detail order pages for each bar stool to aid in guiding you in your selection.

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