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Amore Hold Backs & Scarf Holders

Hold backs go by several different names including tie backs, scarf holders, medallions and rosettes.  No matter what you call them, they can be an impressive addition to your window treatments.  Hold backs are decorative pieces of hardware that can be used for holding draperies and curtains, or tailed swags and scarves, to the sides of a window. Some styles can be mounted at the tops of windows and used in the same way as brackets to anchor swags and scarves.

Hold backs come in various sizes, designs, and finishes. Most consist of a bracket that you attach to the wall or window frame, a stem that juts out several inches, and a decorative front piece. If the decorative piece is hooked, you tuck the fabric into the hook; otherwise, you secure it behind the front piece. You can also attach tassels and other tiebacks to this type of hardware.

If you have questions, may we suggest you read our helpful (Guide to Hold Backs and Scarf Holders)

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