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Amore Guide to Holdbacks & Scarf Holders

September 22, 2019 1 min read

Hold Backs:

All hold backs have adjustable projections of 4.5" to 7" from the wall. Fluer de Lis, Rosette and shell styles have a single projection to attach to the wall. All other styles have one adjustable projection for mounting to the wall and an additional 4" rod at the opposite end to allow fabric to be "held back" within the decorative casting. All hold backs are available in pairs only and are offered in any of the special hand painted finishes.

Scarf Holders:

All scarf holders have a single mounting bracket for adjustable projections of 4.5" to 7" from wall. Designs priced in pairs may be ordered in pairs only. Other designs are sold each piece and priced each. Scarf holders may also be used as hold backs due to their design.

When using hold backs for your drapery - where should they be placed?

The height you choose is ultimately a matter of personal taste, but a good rule of thumb to achieve a more eye pleasing proportion is to measure the length of the curtains and divide that number by three. Then hang each tieback about a third of the way up from the bottom of the curtain