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Amore Drapery Crown Guide

September 22, 2019 3 min read

Crowns are offered in any of the hand-painted special finishes. Please specify the color desired after the style number, then indicate which of the mounting systems is required: A- Adjustable, T-Top Mount, F-Flush Mount, and RM-Rear Mount. When no mounting system is specified, we will send “A- Adjustable” which is our most often requested.

“A” Adjustable

All crowns ordered with an “A” have adjustable mounting brackets for projections of 4 1/2” to 7” from the wall. Small crowns mount with a single center support. All other crowns have brackets on each side, except the 2940, which has an additional center bracket. Use the “A” designation for mounting over windows or beds when fabric is to be swagged or used in combination with a rod.

DESIGN TIP: Combine our drapery rod with a Crown. This is a great way to visually extend the length of the decorative hardware to accommodate any window size. Just set the rod on top of the Crown’s mounting bracket; or, mount the rod under the Crown. To minimize the number of brackets on the wall, the mounting stem on the back of the Crown may be bolted to our rod bracket using the brass nuts & bolts provided with your order by drilling two holes on the top of the rod bracket.

“T” Top Mount

When the Crown is to be mounted to the top of a wooden dust board of cornice or board mounted swag treatment, order the Crown with a “T” type of projection. The mounting bar(s) is usually located on the backside near the bottom of the crown, except for small size Crowns where the mounting bar is in the center area of the crown. Screws secure the mounting bar behind the design to the top of the wooden board.

DESIGN TIP: Crowns may also be mounted “upside down” and projected so that the metal design is in front of the draperies. “Upside Down” also is great whenever ceiling height is restricted.

“F” Flush Mount

Crowns may also be ordered with an “F” for flat or flush mounting against any surface. Use this type for mounting to the face of a cornice, over a doorway, over a mirror or window when no fabric is to be draped. A hidden hanger with a keyhole slot is provided on the backside of the Crown to mount flush to the surface like hangers for a wall plaque.

“RM” Rear Mount

The Rear Mount option allows the Crown to be inset into a cornice, with the design held in place by metal tabs fastened to the backside of the cornice. The locations of the tabs are on the two shortest sides of the Crown on the outside edge. Small crowns have two tabs (one on each leg), and the medium and large Crowns have four tabs (two on each leg).

Crowns are only available for the unique design in the size specified. All Crowns coordinate with scarf holders / sidepieces of varying designs by selecting the same special finish color on both pieces. Size designations of small, medium and large refer to the relative scale of the Crowns in relation to one another. As the designs are from historical patterns developed over the last 150 years, sizes having the same name generally will carry a similar look, but are often not exact matches.