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Drapery Accent Mounting Options

September 22, 2019 3 min read

Pin MountPin Mount - offers a double hook-type pin set for firmly fixing to fabric. Use to add a special touch to cornices, side panels, table skirts, pillows, etc. where the design is simply hooked into the fabric. Easy to install or re-position, or remove for drapery or table skirt cleaning.

Nut Mount

Nut Mount - has a nut for fastening to a threaded bolt. This mount is most often used for padded cornice applications to give a tufted appearance around the Accent, as the Accents is pressed firmly into the fabric and drawn tight to the board by tightening the bolt, from the backside of the cornice board. The Nut Mount ships with a #10 x 1/2" 8/32nd Phillips Head bolt and washer.

Screw Mount

Screw Mount - allows the metal design to be screwed directly into a surface. We weld a 1" coarse thread (#6) wood screw to the back of the metal design. For easy installation, mark and pre drill the hole before screwing the piece into position. this is a great idea for use with cording on cornice treatments. *** Design Tip: Use screw mounted designs in place of rings installed across the face of a wood pole to support a valance or side panel.

Column Bracket Mount Column Bracket Mount - (C1, C3, C6, C8) offers an alternative to the "L" bracket wall mount. The column bracket consists of a "socket style" receptor and a round hollow metal post. The socket receptor features a single center hole for fastening to your mounting surface. This hole is concealed with the installation of the 5/8" diameter round tubing. The tube is welded to the accent piece in fixed projections which you specify of 1-1/2", 3", 6", or 8". This allows the accent design to project out from the mounting surface a fixed distance, and the accent design to be positioned in any of a full 360-degree rotation within the socket receptor. This mounting system will support up to 10 lbs per bracket depending on projection.

Rod Bracket MountRod Bracket Mount - (R1, R3, R6) provides a Drapery Rod bracket to hold rods up to 1" diameter a fixed distance from the wall (1-1/2" for R1, 3" for R3, and 6"for R6). The accent mounts to the face of the bracket using the supplied hardware such that the design may be fixed in any orientation. The decorative bracket may be used in combination with a rod with finials, or with a plain rod where the decoration is the bracket. *** Design Tip: Mix n' Match the Accents to give interest to the rod, i.e., use a lion on the left side bracket, an elephant for the center bracket, and a cougar for the right side bracket. Stay within a theme style group, and have fun personalizing your treatment.
Wall Bracket Mount Wall Bracket Mount - (W2, W4, W6) allows the design to project out from the wall a fixed distance (i.e., 2" for W2, 4" for W4, and 6" for W6). This mount is most often used for Scarf holders or Holdbacks. The Accent mounts to the face of a short stub on the bracket, allowing the design to be rotated to any position independent of the position of the bracket. For example, the dragonfly or leaf designs may be positioned in any of a full 360-degree rotation.

The wall mount style offers even more unique design opportunities by utilizing the included hidden clip. The clip is easily installed to the projected mounting stub of the bracket, hidden behind the Accent. Each clip has serrated gripping jaws and a stiff seven coil internal spring to support loads of up to 20 lbs. per bracket. The clip will grip drapery panels, or may be used to support optional accessories such as the mustache hanger, a wire form rod, or over sized rings (both 3" and 4" available).
*** Design Tip: Use the wire-form rod in a rod pocket to follow the curve of a bay or eyebrow window. May also be used to create depth to a straight fabric panel by alternating the bracket projections in a wavy pattern for more cool looks!