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It's all about the curb - and porch - appeal! Your lush plantings and cheerful use of color are dominating the neighborhood yard of the month, but why stop there? Do more with door decor! Start with a classic lion's head door knocker - unless a mermaid or squirrel better defines your idea of welcome! Add a charming decorative doorbell to the entrance. We have grapes to geckos!

The entryway is your homes first greeting to your family and friends. Let us help you decorate your front door to welcome your guests with a smile!

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Finish with a stately sand cast address plaque that can be mounted as door or wall decoration or staked in the lawn as before door decor! They are large enough to feature your address and are easily seen from the street or driveway. Make your entry greeting more inviting and personalized with an array of diversified door decoration! 

Door Bells: Don't contain it - let your decorating enthusiasm spill into your front door details. Show your thoughtful attention to details by adding a beautiful custom door bell to your homes entrance.

Door Knockers: Opening Attraction - Your home's first impression starts at the front door. Show your thoughtful attention to details by adding a beautiful custom door knocker to your homes entrance.

Personalized Address Plaques: Create a classic first impression and extend the thoughtful design of your home with one of our stunning and distinctive address plaques. Our individually sand cast address plaques are personalized with permanently raised lettering that's easily seen from the street. Top quality, rustproof and weather-resistant, these plaques are unsurpassed for their durability and handsome designs. Distinguish your residence, vacation home, or place of business with an address plaque that stands out from the crowd!