KNF Mosaic Top Care & Maintenance

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  • Our mosaic table tops feature hand-cut tiles made of opaque stained glass (durability proven in cathedral windows), marble and or travertine (a timeless and elegant medium). Tiles are then meticulously placed by hand creating designs that range from sophisticated botanicals to classic geometrics.
  • Our tops are cast into our proprietary stone blend that creates a matrix of superior durability. We also incorporate environmentally friendly recycled glass beads to provide a lighter-weight composite for simplified handling and delivery, while at the same time enhancing the quality of the finished product.
  • Our unique molding process provides perfectly smooth tops and sides, ensuring one never has to endure a sharp edge or jagged piece as is found in common, typically made mosaics.
  • When cared for and maintained properly, this rare combination of elegant beauty and lasting durability will enhance and enrich any environment for years to come.

Our tops are treated with a penetrating grout sealer before they arrive to you. Tops need to be resealed 1-2 times a season. Sealing the top helps to prevent fading, assists in repelling moisture and resists staining. We recommend Miracle Sealants' 511 Impregnator- available at most home improvement centers. Your place of purchase may also carry the product. To seal the top, use a slightly damp clean sponge or cloth. Simply wipe on the entire surface, covering all around the sides and wrapping around slightly underneath. Then wipe off (making sure to buff off the glass tiles).

To clean the tops use a mild, non-abrasive dish soap and water. A product with ammonia will strip off the sealer potentially causing fading and or cracking.

Weather Restrictions-
Our tops are suitable for outdoor use. However, we do suggest that they not be exposed to consistent freezing temperatures. Under these conditions we recommend bringing them indoors.

Storing and Handling-
When handling a top, make sure to lift and lay on a flat surface, NEVER roll it on its side. If storing the top on its side is the only option, make sure there is sufficient padding under the top and in between the surface it will be leaning against.

Side Bumped or Marked-
If side of top gets marked, fine sandpaper may be used to remove scuff (making sure to reseal that area after). If sanding changes the color of the stone blend, you might decide to grout just that area and then reseal (instructions below). If side of top gets bumped and chips, you may mix a small amount of grout to fill in the area and then reseal (instructions below).

Grouting & Sealing Instructions-
Proper Care Eliminates Most Common Concerns Sealing a top regularly, keeping tops out of freezing temperatures, using mild soaps without abrasives and ammonias and handling the tops properly will minimize the need to re-grout your top.

Hairline Cracks-
Due to the natural expansion and contraction of any cement like product, small hairline cracks may occur. This is not uncommon and will not affect the structural integrity of the top. If this does occur you may grout the top to fill in the areas. Seal the top 24 hours later.

Whitish Film Developed-
Efflorescence is a deposit of salts, usually white, formed on the surface of concrete. It is a substance that has emerged in solution from within the concrete and is deposited by evaporation and will lessen with time. The efflorescence is a natural part of the cement curing process and will in no way affect the durability of the product. Re-grouting the top and sides, then sealing 24 hours after, will restore the stone blend to its original richness.

A Small Space Developed Around a Tile-
When the top is originally created, there are typically small air bubble pinholes in the stone blend. We then put a skim coat of grout over the top and sides to fill in those little spaces. Over long periods of time or with improper care, those areas could become visible again. Applying a skim coat of grout over the top and sides, and then sealing the top 24 hours later, will make the top look like new.

Stone Blend Fading-
Over long periods of time, being exposed to harsh environments or improper care may result in the stone color fading a bit. Applying a skim coat of grout over your top and sides, and sealing it 24 hours after, will restore the stone blend to its original luster and richness of color (the glass, marble or travertine tiles will never fade).

How To Grout and Seal-
You will need (Grout Kit available through your dealer);
Grout to match the color of your mosaic top's stone blend
Bucket or bowl to mix grout
Bucket or bowl to rinse out sponge
Gloves (optional)
Sealer- Miracle Sealants' 511 Impregnator-

  1. Proportional to the size of your top, pour grout in a bucket or bowl and slowly add water to create a paste. If you can pour it, it is too wet - if it crumbles apart, it is too dry.
  2. Wet sponge squeezing out excess water and wipe down table top.
  3. Use sponge to smear a thin coat of grout over entire top. Make sure to wipe around the sides and wrapping slightly around underneath.
  4. Let grout dry for approximately 1 minute.
  5. Wipe grout from top using the sponge. Rinse grout off sponge and squeeze out excess water, repeating until the sponge is relatively clean. Make sure to remove any grout that may have collected on the underside of the top.
  6. You may wish to do a final pass over the top's glass tiles and buff off any remaining grout using an almost dry sponge or dry cloth.
  7. Let top sit in an area that will not get wet for 24 hours. To seal top use a slightly damp clean sponge or cloth. Simply wipe on the entire top covering all around the sides wrapping around slightly underneath. Then wipe off (making sure to buff off the glass tiles).