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October 29, 2019 3 min read

Leafy Iron Mailbox Bracket

Packed with versatile functionality, eye-popping drama, and no-sweat simplicity…..what’s not to LOVE about these muscle-bound architectural rock stars of the decorating world?


Undeniably, there are no other decorating elements able to offer such a diverse range of functional and artistic applications for every area of your kingdom than those amazing architectural power players–brackets and corbels. Any room of the home, including outdoor living spaces, can become instantly transformed by the limitless possibilities they offer.

Distressed Black Corbels


Architectural elements which have been in use for almost four centuries are most worthy of our serious design attention! Originally created for structural purposes on eaves and gables of buildings, corbels and brackets have similar uses and sometimes can be used interchangeably (corbels are typically wider and primarily constructed of wood, while brackets are thinner and made of iron or wood). Providing timeless style and practical function, the varieties now available to us range from elegant time-worn vintage and cottage chic to European, modern, and industrial–to name just a few. The choices of materials are equally abundant: new and reclaimed wood and cast and forged iron are the mainstays—available in all shapes, sizes and styles to fit any décor.


These masterful elements can do it all–from a quick and easy décor punch to a heavy duty structural support application–the addition of such striking accents (using as little or as much sweat equity you wish to apply) will add a new level of eye-catching style to your home. Without breaking the budget on hard to find antique pieces, you are able to replicate the appearance of age-old appeal with the multitude of beautiful new hand-crafted offerings available. At Iron Accents we offer one of the largest galleries of forged metal brackets and iron corbels - in abundant styles, finishes, and size choices.

Metal & Iron Decorative Shelf Brackets


To begin with, simply think right angles! Do a visual scan of your walls, entrance ways, doors, windows, decks and patio areas. The more you look, the more possibilities you see: Dull door? add iron brackets to the upper corners to create an instant archway. Lack shelving? use decorative shelf brackets and sections of wood to easily add display and storage options. Boring kitchen? try corbels and brackets underneath cabinets for instant style or under counter overhangs for added support.. And don’t forget the garden–easily hang plants, bird feeders and signs from ornate brackets placed on posts, trees or fences for instant appeal.


Once you start the ball rolling, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Adding beautiful architectural accents will take your décor to a new level of trendy sophistication. Consider incorporating brackets and corbels into these areas:

  • Kitchen islands, Fireplace mantle, Furniture accent, Floating shelving
  • Gable accent, Plant/basket hanger, Flower box support, Mailbox support
  • Art/sculpture shelf, Décor accessories, Sign Hanger, Window/door arch

Simple Project Ideas:

Corbel Display Shelf: Mount a wide, decorative corbel securely on desired wall at eye-level. An additional wooden ledge–usually a half round or rectangle shape a few inches wider than corbel—can be added

to enhance surface space (make sure it is secured to corbel!). Simply place your art, sculpture, plant or ?? on top. You will be amazed at the instant pop of character you will achieve from this easy project.

Sign Bracket: With the popularity of signs used around the home in recent years, elevate and highlight your favorites by mounting iron brackets in desired indoor or outdoor areas (it’s best to find a wall stud when placement in drywall)—it couldn’t be easier!

Window Arch: Install a matching pair of beautiful iron brackets to the top corners of your windows to instantly add a bit of character to your view.

Decorative Bookends: On a sideboard, mantle or bookcase simply place a set of ornate corbels on either side of a stack of vintage books for a quick and easy display.

Wall Medallion: Choose 4 iron brackets of same design and place with straight sides together for an instant wall medallion—perfect for open spaces above beds, mantles, sideboards or ??. These can later
be separated and used individually for other projects as décor needs change.

Speaking about creativity -

Check out our Pinterest board for great ideas using wrought iron brackets and corbels.

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