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The ultimate supplier of scrolled, symmetrical and savvy iron table bases with varying styles for miles. Choose from bar height to standard dining size in designs that highlight your preference for round, square or rectangular dimensions - each perfect for the room in which you want to place it.

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But, that's not all - Feast your eyes on their selection of iron beds and headboards with wood and copper inlays and incredibly diverse motifs. Elegant scrolls, intricate hitching post shapes, lodge like wood and metal models and those that appear to have been sketched for the future. Beautiful, bonafide and brilliantly rendered.

Partner producer of hammered copper table tops! Choose a suitable size base, then marry your selection with one of the many hand hammered, hand applied and often fire finished copper tops in everything from twenty to seventy two inch rounds. With eight rectangular and square offerings, as well, no table base goes topless while we're around!