Artisan Iron

The ultimate supplier of scrolled, symmetrical and savvy iron table bases with varying styles for miles. Choose from bar height to standard dining size in designs that highlight your preference for round, square or rectangular dimensions - each perfect for the room in which you want to place it.

But, that's not all - Feast your eyes on their selection of iron beds and headboards with wood and copper inlays and incredibly diverse motifs. Elegant scrolls, intricate hitching post shapes, lodge like wood and metal models and those that appear to have been sketched for the future. Beautiful, bonafide and brilliantly rendered.

Partner producer of hammered copper table tops! Choose a suitable size base, then marry your selection with one of the many hand hammered, hand applied and often fire finished copper tops in everything from twenty to seventy two inch rounds. With eight rectangular and square offerings, as well, no table base goes topless while we're around!

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Artisan Iron Options

Hand-Forged Iron - Our iron bases are hand-forged using raw iron that's heated red-hot, hammered by hand into shape and cleanly welded - Designed to be eye-catching, functional, and sturdy.  It is very clean in appearance with flawless construction and durable finishes.  The various paint finishes on our iron involve a six-step process which results in finishes that are resistant to corrosion in extreme environments such as salty beaches.  

Care: Simply dust it periodically, wax if desired, and enjoy! 

Reclaimed Wood - The wood our carpenters use is a combination of new pine and reclaimed pine salvaged from old buildings. It is thoroughly fumigated for a minimum of 48 hours using a gas approved by the EPA and FDA for the fumigation of fruits, vegetables, and wood products.  Our wood panels are free-floating and specifically designed and built to prevent cracking and warping.

Care: If the dark brown wood stain gets a nick or a scratch, Briwax brand paste wax (available in the dark brown tone at most high-end hardware stores,  woodworking stores, and some furniture stores) can be applied to cover it. Just wipe it on, buff it off and you are done. Easy!

Hand-Hammered Copper - We use old-world craftsmanship and techniques to hammer and form copper.  It is an incredibly labor-intensive operation, only practiced by the coppersmiths that live high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains of south-central Mexico.

Care:  We seal all of our copper with clear paste wax. To preserve the finish and to keep the copper sealed and protected against spills and oxidation, a thin coat of clear paste wax should be applied to the copper every few weeks, or as needed (when water no longer beads upon the surface).  Apply a very thin coat of furniture or wood floor paste wax; let dry for five to ten minutes. Then, buff to a glossy sheen using a clean, dry cotton cloth. Each additional thin coat of wax makes the copper look richer and more beautiful.

Scratched or stained? Don't worry! Copper is an amazing material that tends to heal itself over time with exposure to moisture in the air.  The best thing to do is leave the affected area alone and let it be exposed to the air until the copper begins to regain its original color (just like how a shiny copper penny turns brown). The amount of time required for this process varies, but it is typically on the order of a few weeks. Once the affected area has healed itself and the original color tones have recovered, the copper should be sealed again with paste wax to preserve and protect the finish.  Though the scratch will not technically be removed, it will not be visible once it turns back to the original color.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT apply any metal polishes to the copper as those will temporarily strip off the patina on the surface of the copper.