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Fungi Forest Bud Vase

Embrace the woodland enchantment with our Fungi Forest Bud Vase, a metallic homage to the forest's natural artistry. Standing at 8.75 x 3.0 x 6.25 inches and boasting a delicate .75" opening, this metal marvel is sculpted into an array of mushrooms, ready to host the freshest of your garden finds. It's a statement piece that invites the serenity and whimsy of the forest floor into your home.

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Light as a feather at just 2 pounds, our Fungi Forest Bud Vase is not only a striking decorative piece but also a conversation starter. Whether presenting a single stem with dewy grace or a small bouquet bursting with color, this vase adds a charming touch to any nook, bookshelf, or breakfast tray. It's a delightful way to display the tiny treasures of nature—petite flowers, interesting twigs, or even aromatic herbs

Dimensions: 8.75" x 3" x 6.25" (Opening) .75"
Finish: As Shown
Material: Metal
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Styling Tips & Ideas:

  • Nature's Palette: Pair with wildflowers or fern fronds to create a miniature forest display on your windowsill or coffee table.
  • Creative Contrast: Contrast its rustic charm with modern decor for a touch of eclectic elegance.
  • Artful Cluster: Group with vases of varying heights for a dynamic and layered botanical exhibit.