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Prima - Onyx Table Tops

All Onyx table tops are crafted from natural stone slabs, resulting in inherent variation in each piece. Onyx displays a wide range of colors and finishes from slab to slab, making it impossible for us to accommodate specific color requests. The Green Talan shade transitions between green, black, and terracotta, showcasing a broad spectrum of hues. Similarly, our top-selling Zebra onyx table top also exhibits movement and variation. If your application demands a uniform color across your table tops, we recommend considering our marble options instead. While Onyx table tops offer unique color and finish variations due to the nature of the natural stone slabs used, they may not be suitable for applications where a consistent color is required.



Onyx table tops are cut with a beautiful stacked live edge to give it natural, organic lines. Every stone will have variation as each piece is cut from a slab individually. Onyx tops are @ 2.5" thick.

Please be advised that Cloud and White Onyx tops are not offered in sizes larger than 48". For Green Talan, the maximum size available is 54", while the other options can be sized up to 60" in diameter.

More Information on Onyx Table Tops & Maintenance .. (Please Read)