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March 01, 2023 3 min read

Onyx is becoming the new darling of the stone world, outshining even marble in popularity. But what sets onyx apart from marble? As it turns out, onyx is actually a type of marble and shares many of its characteristics. The main difference lies in the stunning patterns and veining that are unique to each onyx slab.

One fascinating quality of onyx is its translucent nature, which sets it apart from marble. This property makes it an ideal choice for creative applications such as surfaces that can showcase the stone's exquisite patterns and cast a beautiful glow.

If you find marble's hue to be a bit too chilly for your taste, onyx's classic earthy tones may be a refreshing alternative. And with its ability to add texture and high-end luxury to any room, onyx is an excellent choice to elevate your interior design.

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Is onyx a good option for a dining table top?

Absolutely! The intricate details and originality of onyx make it an excellent choice for a dining table top. With a range of shades available, this material creates a stunning statement piece in any dining room. While it may come at a higher cost, the beauty and elegance it adds to your home is worth the investment.

Is onyx difficult to maintain?

It's important to note that onyx table tops may not be suitable for everyone, as they are made of calcium-based stone with a softer surface that requires maintenance. Regular care is needed to keep it in pristine condition and avoid visible damages. To clean your onyx table top, use a soft microfiber cloth or tissue. Avoid spraying or pouring cleaning products directly onto the surface, as onyx is porous and may absorb liquids, which can affect its appearance over time.

Here are some tips for maintaining your onyx stone tabletop, whether you've recently purchased or are considering doing so:

  • Cleaning: Onyx is made of silica-based soft stones that are susceptible to damage from acidic substances and common household liquids like vinegar, coffee, lemon juice, and red wine. It's best to avoid using homemade cleaners, ordinary kitchen cleaners, and window/glass cleaners. When selecting a commercial cleaner, avoid abrasive ones and opt for those with a neutral pH level. To clean your onyx tabletop, use a soft tissue or microfiber cloth, and don't pour or spray the cleaner directly onto the surface to prevent it from being absorbed by the porous stone.
  • Wiping spills: Onyx stone tops are porous, so it's important to clean up spills immediately to prevent staining or etching. Blot the liquid with a paper towel rather than wiping it, as wiping can spread the spill. Acidic substances like lemon juice or wine can etch the top, dulling its appearance.
  • Sealing: While sealants don't make your onyx stone completely stain-proof, they can slow the rate at which spills are absorbed and help maintain its durability and shine. It's best to have this done professionally so all of our onyx tops are professionally sealed before shipping, If you decide to do it yourself, do thorough research to ensure you purchase the right product, and avoid using ordinary stone sealers. Onyx tops should be sealed every one to three years, depending on usage, cleaning products, and the color of the stone.
  • Polishing: Onyx stone tabletops are prone to scratches, stains, and other imperfections. Professional polishing can help maintain the top's smoothness and appearance over time.