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Angola Rattan Chair

Kick back and let the day's worries melt away in our Angola Rattan Chair. Lovingly crafted from natural rattan, this chair isn't just a seat; it's a statement of laid-back elegance. The crossed lattice work and the gentle curve of the armrests evoke images of tropical getaways and leisurely afternoons. With dimensions that cradle comfort at 22.5" X 24" X 32" and a seat height that keeps things grounded at 16", it's sized just right for any room looking for a touch of artisanal charm.

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Not just a pretty face, this chair marries functionality with its free-spirited aesthetics. The natural finish of the rattan is a versatile performer, slipping seamlessly into a variety of decor themes—from the minimalist zen to the eclectic boho-chic. Paired with a fluffy, white cushion that whispers "sit here," it's a siren call to slow down and sink in. Whether it's becoming the centerpiece of your sunroom or offering a cozy corner in your urban oasis, this chair is your new best friend. Plus, it's not afraid to play nice with others. Add a tropical plant beside it or a jute rug underneath, and you've got a scene that screams (or rather, hums) 'Home Sweet Home'.

Dimensions: 22.5" X 24" X 32" (Seat) 16"
Finish: As Shown
Material: Natural
Material: Rattan
Ships: (Truck Delivery Information), Sold in four piece minimum.
Curbside delivery is included in the price.
Styling Tips:

Consider placing the Angola Rattan Chair in a sunny corner of your living room with a soft throw blanket and a stack of your favorite travel books nearby, inviting daydreams of far-off destinations. Alternatively, this chair can serve as a stylish and inviting addition to your covered patio, paired with a small side table to hold a refreshing drink for those lazy Sunday afternoons. Its natural materials and color make it a perfect match for vibrant cushions or a sheepskin throw during the cooler months.