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Teak Embrace Glass Vase

Discover the enchanting fusion of natural wood and artisanal glass with our Teak Wood Framed Blown Glass Vase. Each vase is a testament to the unique artistry of Indonesian craftsmen, merging the raw beauty of teak with the delicate clarity of blown glass. The organic contours of the wood hug the smoothly formed glass, creating a striking display piece that captures the eye and sparks conversation.

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The smaller 6.5" x 3" x 12" vase offers a quaint charm perfect for a cluster of wildflowers or a singular, bold bloom. Opt for the larger 9.5" x 3" x 16" variant to make a more dramatic statement with elongated florals or branches. Whether showcased individually or paired, these vases serve as a serene window to the natural world, bringing a touch of tranquility to any room.

Additional Ideas for Use & Display:

These versatile vases aren't just for flowers; fill them with colored sand for a layered look, use them as terrariums for small plants, or let them stand alone as sculptural art. In a minimalist setting, the vases can be a focal point of natural elegance, while in a more eclectic home, they'll add a layer of organic texture. Consider them as a centerpiece on a dining table or as a calming presence on a bedside table, offering a daily reminder of nature's endless beauty.

Dimensions: (Small) 6.5" x 3" x 12" (Opening) 2.75" x 2.75" x 8.75" (Large) 9.5" x 3" x 16" (Opening) 3.25" x 3" x 12.75"
Finish: As Shown
Material: Teak Wood & Glass
Contains: Sold Individually
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