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Table Top Information

August 05, 2019 3 min read

What Size Table Top Do You Need?

Standard industry measurements recommend that at least one third, and preferably one half, of the table top selected be fully supported by the table base on which it will sit. The actual size or circumference is a function of personal taste but should be large enough for its intended use - dining, for example. Seating information is noted in the illustration below, including the suggested space between chairs and place settings.

Some Helpful Information About Table Top Characteristics

Copper Table Tops

Our hand hammered copper table tops are made from heavy 18 gauge copper, formed over a .75" thick sturdy exterior grade wooden sub-top for indoor/outdoor use. They are additionally supported by a 5.25" wide x .75" thick structural ring of wood around the perimeter and across the base in an x shape. This support "backing" produces a 1.5" thick base to easily attach the top to your desired frame.

Glass Table Tops:

Glass table tops are 1/2" thick glass with beveled or chamfered edges.

Marble Table Tops:

Copperstone and Travertine marble table tops are 3/4" thick and antiqued with a soft honed finish.

Stained Glass Mosaic Table Tops:

Our mosaic tabletops are made of stained glass and natural cement-like stone blend. The glass is hand cut into small square tiles, leaves, etc. Our unique process casts the glass pieces into the cement. This process leaves the tops and sides perfectly smooth, without any sharp or jagged pieces, and prevents the glass tiles from ever popping loose. Our mosaic table tops are made for both indoor and outdoor use. We do suggest, however, that you take them inside in the case of extreme cold or frost, just as you would statuary. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of cement in severe weather, hairline cracks may occur. To clean the table top, use a damp sponge with a non-abrasive cleaner and finish with a glass cleaner to bring a shine to the glass tiles. You may choose to seal the top with a petroleum based grout sealer to avoid any permanent staining. If tops are marked or bumped, fine sand paper may be used to remove the scuff.

Tumbled Marble Mosaic Tops:

Made from high grade underlayment materials, these tables are great for indoor and/or outdoor use. (For exterior use, you must have an exterior grade paint on the iron.) Embedded in an "Angle Bar" aluminum or iron ring with transverse supports, a cement/fiberglass compound board provides the structural rigidity for the table top. The marble is quarried from the most Southern reaches of Mexico and washed in baths of solution to age and tumble it to this beautifully organic look. Naturally occurring holes and broken edges of the mosaic tiles are expected and inherent to the design of these tops. (These are not Manufacturer's defects.) The marble is set using the same techniques that stone and tile workers have used for centuries. A standard grout, fortified with latex to allow for various degrees of expansion and contraction, is applied to set the marble. There is no wood used in the construction of this top! All materials used in this table top will not degrade with exposure to water or to drastic swings in temperature alone. While the tops have been treated with a stone and grout sealer at the manufacturing facility, the marble remains a porous material. In the event of a weather forecast predicting precipitation and freezing temperatures, the top should be brought indoors or protected with a high grade marine vinyl cover. The action of freezing and thawing may damage the top.

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