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Fleur De Lis Designs

August 05, 2019 4 min read

The fleur de lis, a simple stylized symbol pronounced "fluhr duh lee" has come to be closely associated with the nation of France, but its ornamental use has been documented by numerous old world cultures throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. In fact, the basic stylized iris design appears on pottery from ancient Mesopotamia and Greece.

In Old French, the name translates into "flower of the lily." Thought to symbolize life, light, and perfection, fleur de lis designs have appeared throughout Europe for centuries on countless coats of arms, flags, and tapestries. In fact, such widespread usage is one of the reasons that the fleur de lis design has been widely accepted as a symbol of France and of European royalty.

Where it came from and what exactly it represents has been the subject of much discussion. And one thing is for sure our fascination with fleur de lis designs is definitely not new. But, what is it about the fleur de lis that makes it so appealing to us? How did a symbol once reserved for French royalty become such a favorite design for use in home décor? Perhaps part of the reason is that this symbol, although not as prominently, still reflects a sort of royalty. Or maybe we just associate it with our love for all things European. Whatever the reason, fleur de lis designs are as fashionable as ever and available in a wide variety of accessories that you can use all throughout your home.

Fleur De Lis Dinnerware

Fleur De Lis Dinnerware

A symbol of royalty, an image of perfection, a reflection of elegance and the perfect ornamentation for sophisticated entertaining, fleur de lis designs have always been a popular element in kitchen décor. And from wrought iron hanging pot racks to fleur de lis dinnerware, serving ware and accessories, there are many manufacturers who embellish their lines with this design.

Arthur Court offers beautifully detailed serving ware and accessories in their Fleur de Lis Tuscan collection. Pieces include vintage designed canisters, serving pieces and napkin rings.

Belaverra manufacturers a collection aptly named Fleur de Lis. This collection features hand crafted ceramic nestled in finely detailed aluminum bases and topped with fleur de lis ornamentation. Including everything from napkin holders, to condiment trays, canister sets, and even salt and pepper shakers it will beautifully compliments dining and kitchen decors.

The GG Collection took the serving ware market by storm a few years ago with their old world inspired designs. One of their first pieces, still a favorite today, was the Faith, Hope and Love spice canister sets. This set of three petite handcrafted canisters fit into a metal base and are feature lids are adorned with a cross (faith), a heart (love) and fleur de lis (hope) designs.

Fleur De Lis Bathroom Decor

Fleur De Lis bathroom decor

There is something about the simple, clean, yet elegant fleur de lis designs that makes it fit into almost any room or décor and the bathroom is no exception. It is easy to find an abundance of pieces showcasing the fleur de lis designs for your bath. Lamanifeatures the fleur de lis in a collection of custom made bathroom hardware. Pieces include two sizes of towel bars, a towel hook, a towel ring, and a tissue holder and are available in your choice of seventeen different hand applied finishes. Belaverra also offers a collection of bathroom accessories offering hand crafted soap dispensers, cotton jars and vanity sets, embellished with the fleur de lis design help to project an image of elegance and refinement in your bath.

Fleur De Lis Iron Furniture

Because of its simplicity, the fleur de lis pattern lends itself well to metal work. And metal fleur de lis designs are abundant in everything from iron chairs to iron beds and wrought iron coffee tables. The ever popular fleur-de-lis is a consistent element in the Bago Luma collections Regency style furniture. The fleur-de-lis with its elegant and curvaceous lines makes it especially appealing for traditional themes. The regency design collection includes iron console tables, coffee tables, bar stools, wine servers and shelving.

Fleur De Lis Wall Art

Fleur De Lis Wall Art

Used as ornamentation, fleur de lis designs even offer the perfect accent for your walls and can be seen in numerous home decorating accessories including wall plaques, iron grills, and metal wall art pieces. Some of the more popular fleur de lis wall décor pieces we carry include; our metal fleur de lis wall grille, the scroll fleur de lis wall plaque, the iron fleur de lis iron shutters and our cast resin large round fleur de lis grille.

But wall decoration doesn't stop with plaques and art, distinctive curtain rods and drapery hardware can transform a window into a work of art. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a decorative window treatment as the focal point of the wall, and in some cases, of the entire room. The fleur de lis is so popular in home decorating and window décor that Amore, Artisan and Artistica have all incorporated the fleur de lis in their drapery hardware lines. Once a symbol reserved for French royalty, the simple fleur de lis can be sound in curtain rods, finials, medallions, crowns and scarf holders.

Fleur de lis home decorating

The fleur de lis symbol is a trademark design in French, European and Mediterranean decorating, but this versatile design can be used in almost any setting. Whether incorporated into candle holders, bookends or fireplace screens fleur de lis designs lend themselves well to many different looks.

If you are looking to add a regal touch the fleur de lis design and its never-ending inspiration and style is a wonderful choice to incorporate in your homes décor.

How will this divine motif make its mark in your home?