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Unique Headboard Treatments

August 05, 2019 3 min read

A unique headboard treatment can express your creativity

No bedroom is really complete without a headboard. Whether your bed is a compact twin or a stately king, a headboard completes the bed, and defines the space. But a headboard does not necessarily have to be a wood or metal piece that attaches to the frame of your bed. Ideas for your bedrooms headboard are almost unlimited and matching your headboard to your bedroom furniture is no longer necessary, unless you like the look. A unique headboard treatment can express your creativity, individuality and sense of style. So when it comes to accenting the head of your bed, look beyond the everyday options and create a look that is yours alone.

Some standard bed widths to keep in mind;
Twin Headboard @39" wide
Full Headboard @ 54" wide
Queen Headboard @ 60" wide
King Headboard @ 76" wide
California King Headboard @ 72" wide

Wrought Iron Headboards

Timeless, classical, a hand-forged wrought iron headboard or metal headboard is a perfect addition to any bedroom, be it yours, your child's, or a guest room. Whether you have a twin, full, queen or king bed we are sure to have a hand forged headboard that is sure to share years of memories with you and your family.

Create a Headboard with Curtains

A headboard that works well with almost every style of bedroom furniture is a fabric one. One option is to simply hang fabric from curtain rods behind the bed either at the ceiling, or anywhere around 72-84". Select decorative curtain rods that are slightly wider than the bed. Attach the drapery rod brackets to the wall and put the rod in place. You can use a curtain rod to hang one panel, or use two panels and create a mock-window. Tie back the curtains with ribbons or scarf holders, and place a picture, plaque or mirror between them. Hanging curtains or even shower curtains work well with this treatment. Or instead of curtains, drape fabric like a scarf over the curtain rod, letting one side hang lower than the other.

Tapestry or Blanket Headboard

A quilt, tapestry, or pretty blanket hung on the wall above the head of a bed is a great way to simply and casually dress up a bedroom. Select a decorative rod that is slightly wider than the bed, and determine where the rod will be hung. Attach the drapery rod brackets to the wall, put the rod in place, and drape the material. Some quilts have a rod-pocket already sewn into the back for this purpose.

Pressed Tin Headboard Ideas

A classic looking pressed-tinheadboard will add both interest and texture to your bedroom. Who doesn't love the charm and character of embossed tin? These wonderful architectural details are the perfect way to add some texture and personality to your home. But you don't need to install an entire ceiling or wall to get the look - adding just a bit such as shown in these headboards - is easy and awesome!

Screen or Trellis Headboard

A wonderful headboard idea is created by using a room dividing screen or garden trellis. Decorative screens are also perfect for hiding unsightly walls or open storage areas. Depending upon the effect you desire, screens and trellises offer a variety of looks. Bamboo or rice paper screens are excellent for a minimalist or Asian inspired room, while an intricately detailed iron screen fits well into a more lavish atmosphere. Alternatively, a trellis complete with trailing foliage would fit wonderfully with a garden or cottage décor.

Metal Wall Art Headboard

Another of our favorite headboard ideas uses decorative metal wall art. Wrought iron is an age-old material that's finding new life inside and metal plaques and panels are ideal for adding texture and dimension to the bedroom. An iron gate, pressed tin panel or a large plaque can make a stunning headboard. Smaller sections of ironwork can also be hung on the wall over the bed.

Wall Shelf Headboard

Another idea for a unique bedroom headboard as well as additional storage can be fashioned with our decorative shelf brackets. Stagger a few shelves above your bed or line them up along each side of the bed and mount a fabric valance between them.

Don't be shy - Allow your headboard ideas to be a reflection of your personal style. Why settle for the standard when you can use unexpected elements in unique ways to create amazing decorative statements.