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Selecting and Installing Iron Brackets

August 05, 2019 5 min read

When many people think of brackets they usually envision unattractive industrial styled pieces of angled metal that support shelving in closets and garages. While those types of brackets still have their place there is also a wonderful assortment of architecturally inspired decorative brackets that can be used for shelving support and so much more.

Iron Accents offers one of the largest selections of decorative architectural brackets available. Our line of sturdy cast iron brackets, unique forged iron brackets, quality wrought iron brackets, and beautifully detailed aluminum brackets include over 60 designs, and many are available in a variety of custom designer colors.

Ideas For Using Our Decorative Metal Brackets & Corbels

Smaller brackets are great for minimal overhangs of 4-6 inches and also have a variety of ornamental applications. Customers have used these brackets for corner decoration, bookends, and for mounting small signs.

Medium to large brackets are used to support counter top overhangs, work especially well for building shelves. This size bracket also works well in other applications such as supporting mailboxes or fireplace mantles, and are just as popular used in purely decorative applications.

Decorative Corner Brackets

Corner brackets offer a unique way to give an ordinary doorway or window an extraordinary new look. Just mount a set of two ornate brackets in the corners of an opening to distinctively decorate a doorway or embellish an entrance. Sets of corner brackets can also be attached to posts to add an element of architectural detail on your front or screened-in porch. Our brackets are available in styles ranging in design from traditional to rustic so there is sure to be something to blend with your application.

Counter Support Brackets - Corbels

Counter Support Brackets and CorbelsWrought and cast iron brackets are available in styles designed to blend in with almost any style decor. They are perfect for the home owner who is looking for something different and unique. Although not initially designed to support counter overhangs their fundamental shape and strength makes them a viable alternative to wood brackets or corbels. Counter top brackets are being used much more often to support stone or granite counter tops. As these types of kitchen counters have gained popularity, so has the need for stylish and functional counter top iron brackets. Over the past few years we have worked with many home owners as well as kitchen designers who have beautifully enhanced their kitchens design with decorative iron brackets. When deciding on a bracket for your counter top always carefully measure the estimated overhang, you should have at least 1/2" from the end of the bracket to the edge of the counter top. Also consider where people will be sitting at the counter and space the support brackets accordingly. You want to leave plenty of leg room while still adequately supporting the counter top.

  • Shelf Brackets - Wrought iron shelf brackets make eye-catching, inexpensive home accents that provide a striking alternative to more traditional shelving. Bracket supported shelves can be used throughout your home. Whether placed above a kitchen or living room window and lined with plants or staggered along a wall to display books and artwork, our shelf brackets come in a variety sizes and styles that will add a tasteful yet functional accent to your project.
  • Mailbox Brackets - The intricate details and assortment of designs available in aluminum and iron brackets combine function and charm when used as a decorative mailbox support.
  • Mantle Brackets - An attractive alternative to wood brackets decorative cast or wrought iron brackets are also a great way to support a mantle above the fireplace
  • Hanging Brackets - Decorative hanging brackets are useful throughout your home and garden. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, they can be used as a creative way to beautifully support a plant, bird feeder or hanging candle holder.

Materials Used In Our Decorative Metal Brackets

Aluminum Brackets:

Aluminum is a silvery-white metallic element, having good conductive and thermal properties. It is used to form many hard, light-weight, corrosion-resistant parts. The aluminum castings used in our brackets are poured from ingots equal to or better than no. 319 alloy, giving them strength and durability at approximately 1/3 the weight of iron.

Cast Iron Brackets:

Unlike wrought iron, cast iron is too hard and brittle to be shaped by hammering, rolling, or pressing. Cast iron is more brittle than forged iron. When lateral pressure is put on more elaborate cast iron brackets, they can break. However, because it is more rigid and more resistant to buckling than other forms of iron, it can withstand great compression loads. We recommend them for holding up counter tops provided they are adequately secured. There is no lateral pressure on brackets when used in this support application so they will provide excellent performance. One advantage of cast iron brackets over forged iron brackets is that cast iron is more elaborate and decorative. Cast iron also has the benefit of mass production. Once the mold is made many copies can be produced for reasonable cost.

Counter Top Support Brackets:

If your counter tops are made of a heavy material, such as granite or marble, then corbels and brackets are essential for support.

Wrought / Forged Iron Brackets:

The term forged means hammered and shaped on an anvil when hot, usually prior to being wrought or added to a wrought design. Wrought iron designs are made by heating and bending or forming the rods of wrought iron. Forged iron brackets are very strong as the forging process creates a rigid structure that is very robust. Forged iron brackets may have a little "give" to them under extreme conditions, but we have not know one ever to break.

One of the most popular items we carry, decorative corner brackets are also the most versatile. With sizes ranging from 4.75" to 24" corner brackets can be used for everything from supporting shelves and counters to framing windows and doorways. With so much to choose from our stunning designs are sure to spark your creativity.

The Right Way To Mount Your Iron Brackets

  • Always anchor weight-bearing brackets directly into a wall stud.
  • (We cannot guarantee weight loads despite the sturdiness of our iron brackets.)
  • The easiest way to find your wall studs is to use an electronic or magnetic stud-finder. If you don't have a stud-finder, study the baseboard for nails. The studs should be right behind them. Another hint: studs are generally placed 16 inches apart. Lightly tapping on the wall with a hammer or your knuckles should produce a distinctly more "solid" sound over the stud.
  • As a rule of thumb, you should use support brackets every 24 inches. For very light loads, you can get away with 36 inches between supports.
  • Be sure to consider the weight load the shelf will bear, the weight of common everyday objects can be greater than you realize.