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May 29, 2019 2 min read

Achieving the perfect patio space is, in many ways, a science. When you choose patio furniture that’s well-suited for your outdoor space and pieces that fit your climate and lifestyle, you wind up with a collection that will serve you season after season. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing your wrought iron patio furniture, mosaic patio dining sets and outdoor decorations.

Material Mania

The first thing you’ll want to consider when shopping around for patio pieces is the material. Wrought iron patio furniture is heavy, durable and delightfully detailed. Both cast and wrought iron are mediums that allow for craftspeople and blacksmiths to get hyper-creative, so this is an optimal material for people who love ornate, elegant décor. Cast aluminum patio furniture has been hand-carved using a wooden mold or cast, which is then poured with molten aluminum alloy, for a truly intricate, meticulous design. Modern iron patio furniture can also be welded and forged into more contemporary designs, such as basket weave, to give you the cozy, traditional look of wicker with the unrivaled fortitude of iron.

If you want a rust-proof, virtually maintenance-free patio set, choose aluminum patio furniture. This lightweight, durable material is suitable for use just about anywhere, although lighter-weight aluminum patio tables and chairs should not be placed in areas with high-speed winds. Aluminum tends to mimic the ornate, detailed styling of wrought iron but doesn’t come with the same weight. This can be good or bad for homeowners, depending on your unique needs. Still, aluminum is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it features strengthened stressed points for longevity and a high-quality polyester finish that’s 10 times thicker than paint.

Measure Up

You will also want to carefully measure your space before purchasing new patio furniture. Whether you’re looking for pieces for an urban balcony or an expansive poolside oasis, you want to make sure that you have ample seating for all of your guests and ensure that the pieces don’t compromise comfort or view. For smaller-scale spaces, such as porches or verandas, select intimate patio bistro sets, love seats or settees for small groups. People who have unlimited space will benefit from complete home patio sets that come with comfortable outdoor sofas, chairs, coffee tables, end tables and ottomans.

Tailor-Made Design

Perhaps most importantly, the appearance of your outdoor furniture will help ensure that you set the stage for stylish outdoor dining and lounging year-round. You may want to go with basic, solid-colored iron furniture that brings exceptional elegance and grace or choose a mosaic patio set that encourages a colorful, playful open-air environment. Upholstered patio furniture is a great choice for people who want to bring the comfortable feeling of indoor living to their outdoor space. Tailor the upholstery’s texture, color or pattern to your overall theme for a look that looks perfectly put-together. Opt for bar-height patio tables for more casual environments and choose complete outdoor dining sets for formal, alfresco entertaining. Don’t forget to accessorize with patio essentials like fire pits, chimneys and outdoor lighting.

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